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Let’s Make Cookies!

Since I moved back home and have been quarantined, I have decided to show you some of my favorite things to do! Enjoy!!!

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Video Transcription

hello everyone today we’re makingchocolate chip cookies I double therecipe normally because I feel likeevery time I make a treat or mostlycookies my brother can smell it from hishouse five miles away and he comes overand he tuck themso today double-under are speedy becauseI feel like you might come over sinceI’m in town I have a lot of my stuffalready measured out so I have two cupsof brown sugar in here with one and ahalf cups of sugar and two teaspoons ofsalt and 2 teaspoons of baking powder nobaking soda so I’m gonna add it into mykitchen aide mix also I first startedwith washing my hands and preheating theoven we have a compact bake so I amcooking it on 325 so I added all my dryingredients except for my flour does I’mgonna do that last and then I have foursticks of butter in here that’s halfmelted so I’m adding that and then Ihave to add four eggs when I used tolive at home I used to bake in mykitchen at school is kind of smallsuddenly make a lot but I have a bag ofNestle milk chocolate I usually use adifferent brand and my favor I don’tknow how to pronounce it cuz I can getso I don’t know it’s a differentcountries brand and I like using theother brand because it the Tommo chipslike a little bit betterbut if I did not double in my recipe itcalls for on that but if I’m notobviously I still use one bag because Ifeel like there’s just enough amount ofchocolate chips with double again so I’mgoing to add also we got this for momfor Christmas like my freshman year atcollege so I’m not really going to useit so I love using it so that’s why Ibake ink so we’re just gonna put this onthe smallest one to get that mixing onethings kind of blend it together I’mgoing to add some flour that we have inthis bucket and then at the top of chipsI will show you what the sideokay so I mix my flour in it calls fortwo and a half to three cups for just asingle recipe but I doubled it so I didabout five and a half and I’m going toadd my chocolate chips and and then youcan I out of my top tips and since Idoubled the recipe it kind of gets alittle full he’s gonna have one of thebiggest needs so now I’m going to takeoff the attachment and we are going tomanually Soviet manually and finishedvery end the cookie dough I leave alittle bit on here because I like to letgo doesn’t and this could be my dog isasleep probably should have grabbed thebigger special horse whatever so this iswhat it looks like it’s really big weekson cookies and I will show you how theproduct is you bake it so I usually dotwo trays since we have a compact bakeand I put them around 10 minutes but thefirst batch I always put in a little bitlonger so probably do like 11 maybe 12just depending on how they look and soit’s been about 10 minutes and this isreally look like so I’m gonna give thema probably about maybe one or two moreminutes because they’re really gooey isyou cannot and then I’ll show you whatthey look like in two minutesokay these are what they look likeout of the oven

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