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Knott’s Spooky Farm 2019-Let’s make a pumpkin and decorate cookies

Welcome back Adventurers
Today we are going to have a blast at Knott’s Spooky Farm making cookies and a pumpkin.

Shake-$6.29+tax-$6.10 with annual pass

Music provided by Frequency
Track: Triple M – Soulution

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Video Transcription

[Music]and we’re gonna make cookies get apumpkin get a shake so let’s go aheadand get the pumpkin[Music][Music][Music][Music]we’re so we’re about to try this pumpkinshake no mean like everything pumpkin onprior videos you saw some of thepumpkins up we have tried here atKnott’s Berry Farm thank you and therewe go the pumpkin spice milk shakealright awesome it does come with a fillanother shake you get that big pile ofpumpkin and pumpkin spice in your mouththey top it off with some nutmeg and thebest thing is is you get some crumblesof some pie in there yesso if you’re here at spooky farm the twolocations that you can get this shapeyou can get it at kosher drive-ins andthat’s gonna be located in the boardwalkarea if you don’t want to walk that fargo ahead and go down a ghost town grillsit in nice air-conditioning you get noone right over there[Music]

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  4. in the same batter you can make any pokada. like paneer, aloo, gobi, mirchee try mirchi wada it is a rajasthani dish.

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