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Jannie Lam: Holiday Special – Matcha Amaretti Cookies | Vegas Vixen in the Kitchen

Watch Jannie Lam serve up a mouth-watering Matcha Amaretti Cookies just in time for the Holiday Season on this episode of Vegas Vixen in the Kitchen.

*Ingredients and measurement list at bottom*

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Hello everyone! My name is Jannie Lam, and I am a self-taught cook. I mostly learned from watching my mother and grandmother in the kitchen while growing up. I never knew that my passion for food and cooking ran so deep until I auditioned and competed on Season 9 of Fox’s hit TV program–MasterChef. From that show came my nickname “Vegas Vixen,” which at home with friends and family became “Vegas Vixen in the Kitchen.” Thus, my new weekly YouTube series was born. So tune in each week as I cook, talk about food, and share different aspects of my culture overall life. Enjoy my take on classic recipes as well as my own culinary visions.

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2 1/4 cups almond flour sifted

1 cup granulated sugar

1 tablespoon matcha powder

pinch of salt

2 large egg whites

1/4 teaspoon lemon juice

1/2 teaspoon almond extract

confectioners’ sugar, as needed

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Video Transcription

oh yeah the best cookies I’ve evertasted ithey guys welcome back to Vegas vixen inthe kitchen so today we’re gonna bemaking much I’m already cookies so I’mgonna go over the ingredients with youwe have half a teaspoon of almondextract some salt because I’m gonna beadding a pinch of salt one cup of sugarto a fourths cup of superfine siftedalmond flour we have 1 tablespoon ofmatcha powder two egg whites and somelemon juice so first we’re gonna startwith combining our dry ingredients soI’m going to throw in there matchapowder our sugar and then a pinch ofsalt ue2 and I’m going to just whip ittogether and get it all incorporatedokay now that it’s all mixed in I’mgoing to whisk the egg whites with thelemon juice and we’re gonna whisk it andtell us a soft peak and a little bit oflemon juiceand then we’re gonna whisk itso there you have it a soft peak andthen we’re going to combine it with ourdry ingredients and we’re going to justmix it upadd our almond extract and we’re gonnamix mix mix so we’re gonna mix it and solet’s incorporate it and then when itlooks just enough about incorporatedwhere I had enough where I couldn’t needit I’m gonna do that in a minuteso scrape this down put this aside I’mjust going to use my fingers I’m gonnaneed it the smell of the almond extractand the much it together smells soamazing we’re almost ready to startrolling them into balls okay so now thatwe have our mixture I’m gonna set thisaside and I have two baking sheets hereand I’m putting double the baking sheetbecause I don’t want the bottoms withthe cookie to burn and I’m going tostart rolling them so I’m gonna start byjust setting them aside actually I’mtrying to figure out what’s the easiestway to do this let’s cover our fingerswith confectioners sugar first[Music]okay and then we’re gonna roll it intoballs[Music]so you can see[Music]so I’m going to do this first and I’mgoing to leave them all aside then I’mgoing to cover them more with theconfectioner sugar[Music][Applause]and I’m using this so that way I knowall my cookies are all going to be allthe same side all right so now that Ihave all of my cookies balls I’m gonnacover it with confectioner sugar and youcan use however much confectioner sugaryou like I’m just going to fully coatthem so now that I have all of mycookies coated with Fechner sugar I’mgoing to put them in the oven at 300degrees for 25 minutes all right guys soit’s been 25 minutes and I’ve taken thecookies out they’ve been chilling for awhile and I were just gonna plate themthey look amazing they smell amazingthese are perfect for any occasion therewe have it much I’ve already cookies I’mgonna try one right now I can’t evenwait mm-hmm oh yeah the best cookiesI’ve ever tasted it I just love greentea too but you get that almond essencewith the much of perfect combinationthank you guys so much for watchingplease like comment let me know if youthink subscribe and share any socialmedia see you next time

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