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Insanely Delicious Oatmeal Cookies – Eggless and Dairy free

These are old fashioned oatmeal cookies – Soft, chewy, and flavorful!
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About The Yum Yum Yogi: Luscious Plant Powered Recipes – Learn to cook with love by watching these cooking demos, which not only guarantee delicious, easy to make soups, salads, sauces, snacks, desserts, and main dishes but also teach how to meditate while cooking. The Yum Yum Yogi cooking demos are an eclectic mixture of vegan and sattvic food with a tendency toward ethnic cuisines along with tips on how to have a spiritual connection with the food and those who will be eating that food. The aim is to touch and fill the heart as well as delight the palate and nourish the body. Eat your way to a clear and calm mind. Here’s to a new you!

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Video Transcription

welcome to the yum-yum yogi today wewill be making an old-fashioned oatmealcookie soft chewy and flavorful I’vebeen working on this recipe for a whilenow and it’s pretty much perfect andinsanely delicious absolutely no onewill be able to tell this is veganbefore we start baking let’s rememberyou can get to the heart of any issuebecause your mind is free from theclutter of negativity let’s start withthe fat we are going to use refinedcoconut oil when it comes to this cookieit’s the best substitute for butter andperforms exactly like brown butter inthis recipe and let’s melt it and use3/4 cup of refined coconut oil add brownsugar and white sugar half a cup each tothe oil and mix it all togetherand to this we are going to add justhalf a teaspoon of cinnamon do not addtoo much because you want the old flavorto come through and so add 1/4 cup ofapplesauce and 1 teaspoon of vanillaextract and that said don’t add too muchflavor in it because you want the oldflavor to come through mix it all welland now to this add 1 cup of all-purposeflour[Music]and add half a teaspoon of salt and halfa teaspoon of baking sodayou don’t need baking powder or anythinglike that just half a teaspoon of bakingsoda is enough you will also find all ofthe written recipes on my website theyum yum yogi calm and also some secretsespecially for this cookie you’ll findsome secrets so blend it all togetherand it looks like that and now add threecups rolled oats these have to beold-fashioned rolled oats not the quickcooking one so remember old-fashionedrolled oats not the quick cooking oats[Music]and mix it all and it looks like thatand at this point I’m adding half a cupof sliced almonds this is optional youdon’t need to add it and if you likeraisins you can add it at this point butI feel raisins make the cookie too sweetso I’m not adding that but any other notanything else you add at this point andnow take a three tablespoon scoop andscoop it in and you flatten the cookiebefore you place it on the cookie shapesthere it has to be flattened[Music]nicely pack the school and flatten thecookie and you get about 24 cookies inthis recipe[Music]and now let’s bake it you have to bakeit at 375 degrees Fahrenheit only for 10minutes do not overbake this cookie andyou have to preheat the oven and thenbake it and so at 10 minutes this is howthe cookie will look that’s how thefront looks and that’s how the bottomlooks and transfer them to a wire rackto cool but before we taste it let’sremember you can get to the heart of anyissue because your mind is free from theclutter of negativity all right let’ssee this their best eaten warm that’swhy I’m tasting them round see how chewyit ismmm the simplicity of this cookie isamazing it’s not too sweet it’s chewythere’s a lot of oat flavor a littlecrunch of the almonds it’s really good Ialso like how display tiny flavor ofcinnamon is coming through yum yum[Music]

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