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i baked cookies at 10 pm

was this a bad idea? yeah. would i do it again? probably. someone bake with me pls

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Video Transcription

warning if you are eating or if yourGordon Ramsay do not watch this videocuz you’ll regret it so yeah I’ve madethis video like a few months ago it’spretty disappointing so yeah um thekitchen lights are also kind of brokenso just ignore that throughout the videobut uh yeah okay this is pretty urgentit is currently10:16 p.m. and the maid and I it iscurrently 10:16 p.m. and I’ve forgotthat I needed to bake cookies for aschool project yes this is a schoolproject I have all the ingredients readyso I guess I’m just kind of like mix itwith you guys and hopefully none of thepeople at my school see this video butthey probably will and whatever whocares that this butter and then that mixand all I need is just one tablespoon ofwater as you can see it’s 10:17 this isnot okay I have these measuring spoonsand I can’t find one tablespoon all Isee is two teaspoons and I don’t evenknow what two teaspoons equals onetablespoonI don’t think I’ve ever been thispanicked to cook to bake cookies beforebut I’ll try to find a good measuringspoon and I found out that threeteaspoons equals one tablespoon so I canuse these I just washed them for nowbecause I dropped them on the floorthat’s kind of an issue so these arewashed and I’m gonna get the mixingthing now wait this is a this is a themix bowl this is not a mixing thing okaywhat are the instructions so I’msupposed to heat the up and up first youknow what I’m not gonna do that I’mgonna I’m gonna mix these first waitwhat’s two plus one and a half three anda half okay thisand then so I used the two measuring Idon’t even know what I’m saying you knowI would just mix this thing I don’t eventhink you can see that but like I don’twant it to spill so have fun andapparently this is the melted butter sotime to pour that in I hope I’m doingthis right cuz if I’m not then that’sgonna be very sadoh so apparently the melted butter Iwasn’t supposed to microwave the meltedbutter I was supposed to leave it out inroom temperature for 45 to 60 minutesbut you know it who cares it’s already10:00 p.m. I don’t even know what I’msaying this is just gonna turn out to beone messy video I don’t even know if I’mgonna post this on YouTube but if I dothen I’m sorry I don’t know why I’m evenmixing with like the measuring spoonsright now but you know what it’s fine ifI turn out to have bad cookies and thenI don’t think then actually yeah I thinkit probably is gonna be my faultget that all down in there that’s whatshe never mind I need some bakingbuddies with me Jacob very wet I like webake the cake before please bake thesecookies with me you’re probably asleepright now because it’s like 10:30 so Ithink I make this and I’m not baked Ihaven’t even made this this is scaringme I feel like I should add a little bitmore butter I honestly what like what isthat that looks like some it doesn’teven look like mac and cheese stircookie mix softened butter and water andmedium bowl until soft dough forms waitthis is supposed to make soft dough it’sthis is liquid I’m gonna go get somemore butter okay I got some more butterhopefully hopefully my mom doesn’t getmad at me for doing more butter than itthat’s been intended but it clearly saidto DrewI just spilled some butter in this I[Music]think I’m done baking I mean not beatingmixing it okay I think it said it wassupposed to turn into soft doughI want to add more butter but I feellike this is already gonna turn out badokay do you need like a really longpiece or do you just want like a shortoneokay never mind okay melted yesnot gonna lie they look kind of nastyhake right okay and then 375 for 350okay coolthey don’t look so bad no no oh you justhave to let it cool off okay that waskind of stuck to each other so my hairis still messy but the cookies arebaking right now I’m kind of justletting them cool off and now I’m nolonger in times of panic it’s 11 o’clockbut I think we’re okay okay so I justfinished editing this video and wow thatwas such a that was I don’t know what Iwas thinking at 10 p.m. the cookies Ithought were good before but now lookingback at this video and like eating themthere they were very very flat and yesthis cookie making thing was actuallyfor a school project I had to like it Ihad to like take a picture of it andthen you like use it for Photoshop orsomething like that and I actually got ahundred out of 100 on it and I was sohappy but these cookies were still flatand I kind of want to try baking cookiesagain but this time with someone becauseI know that I can’t make cookies alonebut yeah this video was pretty much adisaster and it was completely unplannedtoso everything was unscripted and I wasjust going with whatever was happeningand the camera angle is bad andeverything I kind of doubt that anyonemade it like to the end of this videobut if you did then major props to youand thanks for watching I guess uh yeahhope you enjoyed my this picture of theflat cookies and I’ll prop I’m onThanksgiving break right now and thisvideo will probably go up onThanksgiving I’m not sure though but ifyou celebrate then Happy Thanksgiving ifyou don’t then have a good Thursday orand if you want just go ahead and likeand subscribe if you want I don’t knowup to you and yeah um I guess I’ll seeyou guys in the next videowhere I probably do something kind ofstupid again I don’t know

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