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How we make Cookies

This is the process of how we make delicious cookies

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Video Transcription

this is the formulation and process of
making cookies so pal a home eight kilo
Quebec City over there Maithili they
have a kilo then sugar fat butter SMP
SMPS skimmed milk powder baking powder
and funny of mega Cheney fat butter or
baking powder
Camilla let the hair mix Katanga hamara
planetary mixer L Smith jae-hyung
Daltons me SMT skim milk powder then
panadol Tahir charts off mix Curtis co2
minute key is slow speed with eight
minutes clearly high-speed web Java
glycerin mixer gotta hair toe osti
shooting cut their users complain Murat
they’re cheating with use
then Husky cutting Athenians molding
event eyes when he entered a certain
shape steeper they just be she ATM
cookies banana Chacho was man he
chose cookies then baking a tangle at
are a minute pay 160 degree Celsius then
Escobar cooling
then packing horse venom discuss basket

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