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How to Make WEED COOKIES – Christmas Cannabis BAKEing & BC BUd BONGS – Kass & Honey Sunday Special 9

How to Make Cannabis-Infused Chocolate Chip Cookies – Dank & Delicious Christmas Weed Edibles!

Merry Christmas Beaver Colony!! Kass & Honey are back with a Sunday Special video (ft. plenty of festive cheer!) where we will teach you how to decarboxylate your weed buds, make cannabutter, bake delicious chocolate chip cookies and then enjoy said truly delectable cannabis-infused edibles… all while enjoying some BC bud bong hoots in a magical Christmas wonderland/weed-friendly elf workshop! 😉 #RegularCanadiansEnjoyingWeed

Kass & Honey wanted to leave Santa with milk and LEGAL (!!!) Canadian cannabis cookies this year (with a 19+/approx. dosing label beside them of course! We want Santa to have a good consensual time – not ruin his delivery schedule from the North Pole lol) and thought our beloved Beaver Colony might want to be able to do the same… or just enjoy some edible treats for themselves. 😉

These two cannabis-loving cousins/baked beavers have had such a wonderful 2019 and want to thank all of you for watching our videos and checking out our content on @kassandhoney as we learn, enjoy weed, have fun, meet wonderful people in the community… and be very REGULAR & Canadian (/Australian) the whole way along! We hope you have a very Happy Holidays, filled with good times spent with friends/family/yourself.. and perhaps a little weed, or a few Kass & Honey videos too! 😉

Our Ugly Christmas Sweater Crafting Video from last year (ft multiple breakdowns from Honey lol):

Decarboxylating Info:

Hershey’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe:

Edibles Calculator:




Edition 9 – The baked beavers teach the Beaver Colony How to Make Weed Cookies!! Including Decarboxylating Buds, Making Cannabutter, Baking Chocolate Chip Cookies and then of course, enjoooooying them!

Hi! We’re Kass & Honey – two cousins getting baked in post-prohibition Canada! 🇨🇦

We want to help show what it’s really like now that cannabis (even just for the fun of it!) is legal here in the Great White North, and that there are all sorts of happy, healthy, successful people out there, who are also pot-lovers! 🍁

So, most Fridays at 4:20 PDT we will be releasing an episode of our show #RegularCanadiansEnjoyingWeed and on the Sundays when we feel like it (we deserve a lazy Sunday too sometimes right hehe?) we will also be posting an extra bonus SUNDAY SPECIAL on the Kass & Honey YouTube Channel. 🍍

Say hi:

PO Box 32 Brentwood Bay
BC, Canada V8M1R3

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

hi I’m Katherine this is honey a regularCanadians enjoy read some Christmas Bankwelcome to our Christmas special and itis gonna be lit everybody now save timewe made cannabutterearlier today first I weighed out themugs pretending like I’m gonna know whatsort of don’t seen there is in thesecookies but really it’s just a roll ofthe dicewhere are you stupid I’ve inch gonnaclose it yeah they’re electable shiznitto bat firstI took some nice fresh buds and put themin the oven and baked them bake yourbuzz beeping you’re about to get to bakeyour bunch so first you must bake yourbuzz at 245 for 30 to 40 minutes that Dcarboxylates them and then you put intoyour slow cooker and you just simmer itaway all day when you go out toChristmas partyand so what’s a good smoke up as thedecarboxylated we’d like all of the dryleaves in there I chose to do a cover ofbutter and a cup of waterthe water’s to keep the butter fromburning the Patrol bury you later strainthe water out this is where things getyou know a stocking or cheesecloth orwhatever you have on hand but I wentstocking root like it and squeezed allup and then left it in the fridge andthe water separates out of the butterand you happyan unknown potency it smells really goodit doeswe started with one cup of brown sugarthis recipe is not stolen from theHershey’s Tippett’s page you’re allowedto steal that that’s sharing if notrecipe with with you know manager anywayeveryone mm-hmm just when we had butterup just to hand stuff it isn’t that likealso we have to do is like tweak onething and in a really great way allright so one cup of brown sugar half acup of white sugar you need all thissugar you see because it’s Christmassugar butter his Christmas baking getbaked this is like such a coordinatedoutfit you guys mrs. Claus I really getnervous secrets up guysI do the crafting she’s like I said I’mlike the spinster on Clausoh all right she’s here for moralsupport and you fill the bong chamberform healthful Christmas oh right yeahI like I put in two teaspoons of vanillabecause another makes all the differenceeverybody he’s going to infuse them witha hot box here okay are you ready wouldserve a cup of smoke job to be high andnot be read and if you smoking cookies Ilike the attention nice gifts that’s whyI just uh I could stir okay good ideagood idea whoa someone’s stepping up tothe plate all right now here we go honeyyou ready don’t stir it yeah two cups offlourwait everyone just this is usually thestage rice don’t actually make it beforethe eggs where I stop going to eat likea lot of the ball you know the creamyshould read about are a situation don’tforget this is infused if you’re eatingthe batter you put in 3/4 of a teaspoonof salt I solve this story important topeoplesoldier cookies don’t forget the sauceso important you know cell phone that’sgood for reason guysperhaps to the flavor profile immenselyokay wait here comes the baking soda oneteaspoon of baking soda here comes thefinal step with chocolate chips thevials dad didn’t even have to crack anegg I just good to stand you upokay how many how many of those would itlet’s just do the whole thing no itfeels like too muchone frosty so honey can you please getthe trays oh sure5 is 6 grams of cannabis into this and adreary cold strain testimony blend iswhat we used it’s the finest of all withthe leftover in the bottom is itslock bag it’s the finest of the fineI’m stems and the twigs and all goodthings and six hours of it and then dowe even have any idea did we seeanything online and at what experiencethat we could do it one book easily nota clip this is sort of regular this is aregular Canadians enjoying we kind ofway to go about thisI’m obviously on board get bacon nothere you go all right look I’m gonna bea blog give me a little time and say weshould make them what are you very smallall right so we’re gonna go make likesmall because we have a suspicion thatthese might be quite strong and wereally don’t want to wreck anybody Iwould like to take this moment to pointout that I have completed eight cookiesI basically did one it doesn’t feel likethe right size and don’t even wearactors just blow it I made it into ashape I don’t like this that’s rice thisbig whoa that many that won’t be turnedinto like one cookie do then spread itallyes I’m taking this over and mostlybecause I just can’t bear to watch whoa[Music]these are so beautifullet’s get faced here we go everybodythese are going into the oven so thosejust went in the oven at 375 for 10 to12 minutes I’m gonna rotate them they’regoing to be crisp perfection[Music]look at that Christmas Eve a bone rackin our new hats last year we had veryfabulous why this amazing magical viewswhat is it also that up maybe tha likeI’m seeing that it’s the cutest littleteeth the teeth the teeth oh the tailwith all sorts of different textures isthe at east back there Oh amazingand he longs out like a Christmas elfedibles business here this would be likeYolo car is you in this amazing outfitwith the leopard print seriouslyand the across shirt it’s like the macastudents meet except she is also likeshe James Marcus once we you know he wasthat she’s kind of already got thatmarket cornered but if she didn’t youdon’t do this yourself okay guys wellhoney and beaver colony Merry Christmasthank you for all the love this lastyear we hope you have a great Christmasstay safe enjoy responsiblydon’t drive hi donate this whole plateeven though very much stop leg are slowcheck out my youtube channel what’sregular Canadians enjoying me and howabout the holidays Merry Christmas oh mygod I’m sorry excited okay okay I meetanyone eat one wait you got one twolet’s Cheers oh I’m definitely gonna eatwhen I’m just you know letting youchoose first well this was a good choiceand yeah I was a good choicerags so we have the menu dome but howabout Brad you made itokay to a full exposure I read this onewebsite and when I put in how much weedI was going to put in and then it saidthat there’s a red warninghaha what

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