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How To Make Toy Story Pineapple Tart Cookies ~!

Toy Story Pineapple Tarts is too cute to eat!😍
Enjoy my video and make sure to share pictures of your treats on Facebook and instagram with the hashtag #90spastrystudio #handamde #cutedessert #foodart

Pineapple Filing凤梨内陷 72g

Unsalted Butter无盐奶油 125g
Icing Sugar糖粉 25g
Fine Salt细盐 1/2tsp
Egg Yolk蛋黄 1pcs
Cake Flour低筋面粉 160g
Custard Powder蛋黄粉 10g
Potato Starch马铃薯粉 30g
Milk Powder奶粉 20g

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