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How To Make This Yummy And Guilt-free Almond Cookies

We use only 3 egg whites, 1/2 cup of flour , 1/2 cup of sugar, two teaspoon spoons of vanilla and 2 teaspoons of melted butter to make these 22 low-calorie almond cookies. Aren’t they guilt-free?

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Video Transcription

welcome to our channel Sofia loves foodyou probably heard people say how comehealthy food is never delicious or howcomeyummy food can never be healthy at thischannel will go to proof this is nottrue at allwe will cook lots of delicious food withlow sugar low sodium and low fat recipesI guarantee you you’ll love to cook itfor yourself your family and friendstoday we’re going to show you how tomake this delicious but guilt-freedessert which is called almond cookiesokay let’s take a look to see what weneed for our cookies here is my threelarge egg whites I am going to add halfa cup of sugar to it I’m going to stirit really well until the sugar is meltedthen I’m going to add half a cup of cakeflour remember I use cake flour for thisrecipethen I’m going to add 2 TSP of vanillaand 2 TSP of melted butter without saltstir the batter really wellthe batter is getting very thickokaynow we’re ready to add our almond slicesI used 1 and 3/4 cups of almond slicesnow the batter is ready I’m going to putthe cookies on the baking pan here is aregular baking pan and I’m gonna putnonstick parchment paper over itI use a small teaspoon to spread thebatter on the baking pan and please makesure you spread the batter as thin asyou can and make sure there is almostlicensed in every biteokay our cookies are ready in themeantime my oven is ready as wellearlier I said the oven temperature at350 degrees Fahrenheit I’m going to havethe cookies being baked for eightminutes after the cookies are beingbaked for eight minutes in the ovenI turned the baking pan around to makesure all the cookies are evenly bakedI also added another eight minutes onthe timer so the total baking time forour almond cookies is 16 minutes at 350degrees Fahrenheitnow our timer is up let’s go take a lookat our cookies here is our almondcookies okay let’s put them on the rackwe’ll let them cool for about 10 minutesafter 16 minutes of baking time ourcookies are done please allow me tosample it it’s perfect it is so thin andcrispy with only half a cup of cakeflour half a cup of sugar 2 TSP ofmelted butter with almond slices we wereable to make 22 almond cookies todayare they Q free treats or whatafter watching today’s videoyou really have to try to make your ownalmond cookies at home we sincerely hopeyou enjoy watching today’s channel andplease do click the little button tosubscribe to our channel Sofia lovesfood thank you for watching we lookforward to seeing you next time Sachin

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