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Welcome to the yummiest and scrummiest video for chocolate orange cookies.
Super simple and easy recipe to follow, so enjoy! x

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

hi everyone welcome back to my YouTubechannel and today we are going to bebaking cookiesbut not just any cookie we’re going tobe baking orange chocolate cookies sowe’re gonna have a center filled withorange chocolate and we are also goingto add the orange matches on top and soI’ll have all the ingredients just herenow and and you can get prepared if youwanna join me okay so we are gonna startoff with preheating the oven which I’vealready turned on it needs to be on 175degrees and I’m gonna start off with thesugar so we’ve got brown and white sugarin here in the bowl and we want to mixin the butter so I’ve already meltedthis in the microwave just add it in andthen we’re just gonna mix that alltogether so they’re fairly easy reallyis this debate not many ingredients andso after we’ve mixed all that intogether we are going to add the goldensyrup we’ve got one egg vanilla extractsome altar I’m putting in orange extractso I’ve never done this beforeI’m just hoping today tonight so got allthat in here so golden syrup or ankorange and vanilla extractyep so give that a good mixso next we want to add the flour whichwe’ve got one and a half cups in hereand we’ve also got the baking soda andsalt to add it as well so we add allthat in probably also if you feel likeyou need to add a bit more flour afterwe’ve added everything you can likethree extra scoops and like tablespoonsand that’s fine okay so now I’m gonnahead chop up some orange chocolate mixthem in okay so just randomly chop theseupany which way[Music]it’s gonna look like this and and thenbecause I want to add a center fillingand to it I’m gonna put this in thefridge for about an hour and then it’lljust be easier to volved and then Icould fill the center and then we canbake them so just taking it out of thefridge and now I’m gonna add the fillingso what we want to do is grab a littleball at that big we’re just gonna squishit out in our hands all right thanksI’m gonna take one piece of the orangechocolate and just break it in half andthen we’re gonna roll it up into a balllike that okay and then just make itextra fancy add some orange Smarties toitjust like thisokay so we’re just gonna do that overand over it’s a little ball of thecookie dough and I squish it out at theother half of orange chocolate and thenroll it up into a bowl and then add theSmarties just like that we don’t need toswitch these out on the baking traybecause any oven[Music][Applause][Music]come back and hopefully fingers crossedthe nice okay so I just brought them outof the oven I left them in for 12minutes and and we’re gonna have a lookinside so remember when you bring themout they will look a bit underdone butjust leave them to cool down and theykeep cooking themselves so they’reabsolutely fine when I have a look atthe melt in the middle okayyou see that in the middleyou know so now for the taste testso coke okaya bit in the middle just makes it that’samazingones up remember to subscribe and clickthe little bow to get medications alsocomment below if you like to seeanything in the next few videos andanything you want to know just ask seeyou next timeyou


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