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How To Make The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

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The best cookies are made at home… but mostly how you prepare the ingredients. I hope you have a fun experience making these cookies.

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Video Transcription

welcome to the kitchen so you came hereto learn how to make the best chocolatechip cookies well I’ve come to the rightplace now before I show you theingredients let me show you what toolswe’re gonna be using today you will needone whisk one cooking tray one small icecream scoop and one mixer now optionalis a baking sheet it’s not required itdoes kind of help the cleanup a littlebit later make sure your oven is set to375 degrees now let’s move on to ouringredients you’re going to need 200quarter cups of flour if you had ahigher relevation like I am you’re goingto need an extra quarter cup making thisrecipe two and a half cups of flouryou’re gonna need about two cups ofchocolate chips depending on what youlike dark chocolate semi-sweet or milkyou can get any they work really wellwith this recipe you may need a 3/4 cupgranulated sugar 3/4 cup brown sugar 2sticks or 1 cup butter 2 eggs 1 teaspoonof salt 1 teaspoon of baking soda and 1teaspoon of vanilla extract so now thatwe have all these ingredients how are wegonna mix them I mean can we just throwthem into the blender and just like boomcookiessadly no it’s not that easy what I meanis still pretty easy so let’s quicklyclean this up and get to the next stepall right so all you’re gonna need isyour flour your salt and your bakingsoda what you’re gonna do just quicklyor both of them in and now mix thesetogether so I like to use a whisk forthis personally but I mean you can usewhatever you want if you wanted to youcould either use a foot it might nottaste the best after that but I mean youcould if you wanted this is bakingyou’re the artist you do whatever youwantnow after everything is mixed thoroughlyyou can go ahead and place this off tothe side and now it’s time for the otheringredients so for this you’re gonnaneed to pull out your mixer if you haveone like I do if not you need to pullout a large bowl that can fit everythingso now that I’ve got the mixer it’s timethat we add the butter the sugars andthe extract so I’m going to go ahead andput the butter in as a base now time forthe sugars spread all over brown sugarand finally the vanilla extract now allyou got to do is raise it up if you havea Kitchen Aid like I do or somethingsimilar and if you’re using a hand mixerdon’t worry you can use it perfectlyfine you can use a spatula you can use aspoon it might not mix this evenlythat’s why I like using this because itmixes everything you can lean you don’thave lumps of butter or flour and yourcookies when it’s done so come here nopeso here’s a secret but not really manyknow that if you were to beat the eggsuntil the dough was lighter in color thecookies will come out lighter and airierI’ll crumble in your mouth be easier andover taste oh so good so if you want tohave like the best cookies ever whatyou’ll do is you’ll beat it until itgoes from a darker into a lighter colorif you can do that fasteralso never melt your butter you nevermelt it never ever never melody betterif you melt your butter your cookies aregonna become runny and no one wants forany goodness all right back to the showso I’m just gonna put this onto alow-speed and let everything mixthoroughly and done all right so nowthat it’s done mixing you’re gonna addboth eggs in but you have to do theseone at a time and then each one makesthoroughly into the dough before addingthe next one all right now egg numbertwomake sure after you process the ace thatyou wash your hands this is veryimportant because you don’t want to getraw egg everywhere all right so just setthis to mix you’ll wash your hands andit should be done by the time you getback see in a sec and done perfecttiming if you want to make the bestcookies what you’ll do is you’ll addabout a third of this at a time and letit mix in thoroughly into the doughbefore adding the next third so just setthis on to a low speed for now so thatway it doesn’t kick up everything andthen as it starts to mix in speed it upso that we it can be thoroughly mixedthrough right so just and now that it’ssort of mixed in let’s kick it up alittle bit way this doesn’t take 15minutes just for this one part alrightback to a stir and now we add anotherthird or about half of what is left waitfor it to mix in a little bit beforespeeding it up and now we add the lastof it so now that it’s mixed in a bitlet’s go ahead and bring up the speed sowe again doesn’t take forever so nowit’s time we add our chocolates intothis mix and I like to have it on a slowstir while pouring it in slowly that wayit all mixes through and it doesn’t killthe machineit’s honest no sir I’m just gonna slowlyadd them in and now we wait until thatmixes through see in a few minutes so ifyour dough is sticking to your mixerlike it is for me what you’re gonna haveto do is you’re gonna need to go get aspatula so you can go ahead and justwipe it off it’s gonna stick togetherwhen it’s baking but you know what youreally want cuz otherwise it’s gonna beall runny and you’re gonna end up withpancake cookies and no one wants apancake cookie cos it’s gross now ifyour dough is mixed thoroughly you cango ahead and stop because you’re donenow all you have to do is bake it so nowto prove to you that you don’t need abaking sheet I’m gonna use one without abaking sheet and one with a baking sheetso you guys can see that there’s reallyno difference between using one and notusing one the only real difference isyou’re gonna have to clean this oneafter where is this one you just have toclean the sheet it’s up to you what youwant to clean go ahead get all you wantyes because there’s already so muchsugar in the dough that you don’t reallyneed notesthe best could be done the city want tobe on camera see me want to be on cameralook easy yeah oh oh it’s a bluebirdit’s a close look it’s because milkshave more chocolate or sorry they havemore sugar in them so it just makes itall a lot sweeter so if you like sweetcookies use notes[Music][Music]all right let’s see if there’s anydifference really between wit or withouta met so I’m not sure if you could seethis but I’ll have to probably zoom itin post on this sheet the cookies wereable to spread a little bit more we’reon the non cheated pen they were able tostay closer together giving them moreheight but not as much wit you got tolet them sit for about a minute or twobecause if you pick them up right awaythey’re gonna be so hot and doughy threeon the inside and so full of goodnessthat they’re just gonna be like yo I’mout B so just taking the two off I cantell that there’s a massive differenceand how they were cooked so the pantitself cooked the underside a little bitmore so it’s more crispy but also thechocolate would melt and harden onto thepan so it was a little bit harder toscrape off so I’m gonna go ahead and usethe cookie sheet from now on I’m notgonna be using the pan but you can ifyou don’t have a cookie sheet it doesn’tmatter they’re still the best cookiesthey’ll ever have[Music]so now that you’ve made all the dough oreaten depending on what kind of personyou are I honestly ate like about halfof it to be honest it’s go get it Ohwhat are you gonna do so now that you’vefinished all your dough whether that’scooking you’re just eating it you needto go ahead and taste what you bakedso let’s go ahead and grab our favoriteunbranded coffee mug now that we havethis let’s go ahead and get some milktoo so it could be almond or regularmilk it doesn’t really matter becauseit’s gonna be milk at the ends andyou’re gonna bake your cookies in it soit’s gonna taste like cookies please alittle bit so let’s get rid of this milknow ready yep I hand this guy all righthere we go so now let’s try one of thesecookies and taking one from the firstbatch just give it a nice little bit ofa dunk Dunstan’s get off the excess and[Music]you know what this is no goodit’s no good they aren’t good at allguess you’re just gonna have to keep allthese cookies for yourself now thishappens like that I guess oh well whatare you gonna do what a crying shame betI can toss this in my mouthyou’re right and with that ladies andgentlemen this is how you make the bestchocolate chip cookies I hope youenjoyed I’ll go make some cookies

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