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How to Make Super Soft Sugar Cookies -You NEED This Recipe!

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Guide to make the BEST Sugar Cookies you will make. They are so soft!
I love soft sugar cookies. That is one treat I have NO control of. If you are looking for an easy sugar cookie recipe, you have got to try these cookies.

Sugar cookies are a classic. With this soft sugar cookie recipe it is super simple, just roll and ice and their good to go.

Thick and soft sugar cookies are the best type of sugar cookies. These soft and chewy sugar cookies are a crowd pleaser around the holidays.

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Video Transcription

hey everyone welcome back to six sisterstuff today we’re gonna make something alittle different we’re making super softsugar cookies so my name is Kristen andI’m Kendra and first of all I’m so happyto have had other sisters with me on theYouTube channel so this is going to behappening every week now we’ll havesisters join in on the video we’re gonnaguest star know usually I share instantpot recipes but we’ve changed it up alittle bit and we’re gonna start sharingother recipes other than instant pot soall the things all the things all thefamily favorites so we actually have awebsite called six sister stuff calm andwe have many thousands and thousands ofrecipes there so we like simple easyrecipes kind of to make everyone’s livesa little bit easier and we are all momsand we all have kids and so we know howbusy and crazy life can get and so we’reall about quick efficient but also welike it delicious so that’s what we’reall aboutthat’s access to the most importantthings good all right so today we’regonna make super soft sugar cookies nowthis actually is one of the most popularrecipes on our site because it tastes sogood so you can make them all year roundany holidays any cookie cutter shape allyear round cookie no it’s like achocolate chip cookie but better I couldeat them all year round okay you want toget started you wanna yeah okay so we’regonna start with our butter and you need3/4 cup of softened butter I hope youknow I always so I don’t take my butterout until like last minute from theshoes and it’s always harder theconsistency is bad that great so mytrick I found when I am trying to softenmy butter is all if I don’t take it outahead of time pain I cut it up intolittle tbsp remarks and then microwaveit for 7 second intervals stir it andthen it will just slowly soften witheach seven-second in remotely and itgets to this consistency so if you’relike me and you’re like a last-minutecooker gosh your Baker I guess we’rebaking today yesthat’s how you do it I love it I love itso we’ve got butter and then we’re gonnaadd our two eggs you want to crack theeggs yes ma’am and then to get chills -the eggs are also going to add our sugarand our mom is she’s hardcore in thekitchen and she is dedicated to a woodenspoon but I’m just not as strong as herso I always do the electric hand mixerso you can make this in a KitchenAid aBosch or with the hand mixer or goold-school with the woman soonthere we go do you care if I mix this upgo for it awesome all right so what’sthe texture you want so it’s okay if ithas a few little butter lumps in ityou’re not gonna get them all out you’llget less out when you add the flour okayokay so you just want it kind extremelykind of frothy it’s looking good but ifit’s not all the way smooth don’t stressit because it won’t it’ll work its wayout when you have the flourthis picture you can do this for aboutlike a minute okay 30 seconds and so youtell me when to stop that looks goodokay we’re gonna stop okay so now we’regoing to add our flour our okay how muchflour you have here this is two and ahalf cups okay of flour and then do youwant to mix that in yes and then whileyou’re mixing that in we have some saltokay yep awesomeI just don’t want it to like flourexploit that so mix your celebration andEcklie flour confetti right okay andthen add the vanilla creamthere we go the vanilla is threeteaspoons of vanilla Cuban a churchthought I’m like a little bit a lot butI think that’s what gives it thatvanilla taste to it so yummy so I’m justgonna add three teaspoons of vanilla andthis is vanilla extract not your vanillawhat do you use your vanilla or vanillayou know it kind of depends on whateverI feel like I said no you need to usejust pure vanilla but I’m curious whatare your opinions on you know extractpure vanilla I need to switch becauseI’m on the vanilla extract I am sorryokay on there so I’m gonna add ourbaking powderokay this is two teaspoons okay mixerall a goit’s not I don’t know the wooden spoonI’m gonna go no all right how’s thatlooking that’s looking goodright okay and then the secret part tothis recipe I’m ready to refrigerateyour cookie dough okay okay so we’regonna take this off we’ll clean up theseand they stick in the refrigerator forhow longum about an hour or you could do thefreezer for like 20 25 minutes okayfridge we’re all about the fridge okaydealokay sorry doll has been refrigeratedand I mean look at that texture a littlebit of texture exactly um so I just kindof put it in a little ball and thenwe’re gonna flatten it out but first yougot to flour your surface so it doesn’tstick to anything I remember mom doingthis when we were little I know it waslike my favorite thing I know I loved itour mom was always cook sugar cookieswhether it was I always had a minuteHalloween at Christmastime at ValentinesEaster oh yeah breeding eggs for us Iremember and they made the bestafter-school snack there’s no butterscent coming home food and like freshright you open the door and you’re likeoh my gosh my favorite alright so I’mjust gonna put a little flour on this tojust keep it from sticking to you on aroller out okay okay rolling on out allright roll it roll it okay so myquestion is how thick do you want thesecookies depends how thick do you wantI like I’m just right I don’t like himlike thin crisp little chips yeah don’twant him like super thick too much dryokay what about this is this okay likewhat would you say sure yeah sure it’snot gonna be a thin crisp though yeahthat off the most but and I’ll puff up alittle when you bake them toookay so we’re just gonna cut these intothe we’re using circles but again youcan use any shape for any holiday anyreason anybridal shower wedding shower baby showerall the things just reminds me of likeHalloween sugar cookieChristmas yeah you can tell we’resisters okay for them on and then willrule this out and do a few more we couldprobably make like three women in therethis alright so why you rolling out KI’m gonna tell you guys a little bitabout one of our cookbooks now of courseyou know mefor like the instant pot but on theother end on our blog and we actuallyhave I mean lotsa recipes but we alsohave seven published cookbooks out andthis one is one of my favorites becauseobviously okay twelve days of Christmasfrom sick sister stuff and it has tonsof Christmas recipes now this recipethat we’re making or it’s actually inthe book and it’s just one of ourfavorites yeah so it has all kinds ofrecipes and just to show you some likeall kinds of cookie recipes we have aChristmas morning breakfast ideas dinnerwe have hands I forgotten dishes drinksI mean all kinds of delicious things ohwe also have some pretty fun crafts toowhich are so funny just for things to dowhen kids are out of school and they’rekind of crazy we also have all ourfavorite family holiday traditions inthat book and we have a lot of familiesaround Christmas basically well afterHalloween it’s like tradition time yeahthere’s so much going on and it’s all inthat book so if you need new familytradition ideas check out the bookbecause honey told them about crazydinner yet yeah it’s our favorite familytradition and I think your family’sgonna love it too we put a link in thedescription for you guys so you can findthe book there and all of our otherbooks tooalright how’s that your cookies goodgood we got six on now usually when ourmom makes sugar cookies she will loadthe pan like it’s all shaken cookies sowe’re just gonna do 6 today just to showyou how to make it so yeah so this isgonna go in the oven at 350 degrees forabout 10 minutes but Mon make sure youwatch them because if they’re startingto brown on top yeah pull them out quickcuz if they’re brown on top they’re notgonnastart watching them in like 8 minutesyes great ideaokay right all right hey they’re alldone cookies are done okay just want toshow you the bottom of them real quickso they’re not brown this is how we likeour sugar cookies because that meansthey’re super soft inside yeah so andthey are cooked throughyes yeah you don’t want doughy doughycookie okay so now it’s time for the funpart we get a frost them and thecookbook we have a really cute idea it’sactually on the front cover maybe youcan see here a little sandal shoes andsomething you can do any type of colorfrosting or toppings my personalfavorite sugar cookie topping is M&Ms Idon’t know why the combination really Iput in frosting and these cookies go sowell I don’t know what’s yours I’m nosay sprinklesno like I’m like a little bit ofsprinkle rock but not a ton you havesprinkles I get that yeah I think I likeokay don’t judge me here like peanutbutter and chocolate frosting and I’venever had processing on a cookie it willchange your life or Nutella yeah nexttime that’s what we’re making okay okayokay so this is actually our mom’sspecialsugar cookie frosting recipe and we’regonna put a link in the description sowe showed you how to make the cookiesbut if you want to learn how to do thefrosting you can just go to that linkand it’ll be a lot easier to follow thewritten instructions so yeah but we’remaking them fun and festive so we’regonna add the white frosting with cutered sprinklesyou care if I sprinkle you up sprinkleoh sorryhey kid I’m gonna work on my frostinggame yes all right you guys so it if youwant more recipes like this we have tonsof Christmas recipes you can find themon our website at 6:00 sister stuff calmokay but you never told us your favoritetopping you told us your favorite forlisting the ones your favorite becausesugar you just needed frosting and sugarcookies that’s the topping aboutsomething on it I like to make them cutethat can accountall right so this is one of our favoritetraditions like Christmas traditions soI’m curious what one of your favoritetraditions are all right guys that isall we have for you today we will seeyou next week

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