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How to Make Sunflower Sugar Cookies! || TheMessyBaket

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Video Transcription

hello everybody my name is Lola and
welcome to my channel if you are new
here my name is Lola and if you come
from our other accounts you already know
who I am so today for my first video i
thought i would make sugar cookies and
i’m gonna make them look like sunflowers
for fall so I’m using my recipe just to
like do these for fun so I hope you guys
enjoy it I’m gonna be showing you my
process and then I’m gonna really teach
you how to cross
okay so I just got my dough me I just
time-lapsed the process so it’s going in
the freezer now I’m gonna clean up my
sugar cookie mess and then I’m gonna
roll these and I’m gonna bake so stay
these are I forgot to say these are
sugar cookies with buttercream instead
of royal icing because whenever I do
royal icing I just don’t think it turns
out very well
so I’m gonna try to decorate them as
sunflowers and buttercream
all right so I’m gonna teach y’all a
little trick so when you make sure your
cookies normally what people do is they
make their whole counter like coated in
flour and then it’s really messy it’s
just tough cleanup but what I like to do
is I just take some paper and I have it
and I lay it down and then I take
however big of dough I want I’m just I
just do like little pieces at a time and
then I just
stick it onto the paper
nothing should look like this so it
should look like this
whatever and then you take and then you
have it in there so then you just roll
it like a normal person roll it and then
you don’t even have to use flour what I
do is I still coat it with flour
whenever I put it in the oven preheating
right now so I’m gonna roll this out cut
okay so now I’m gonna make my
buttercream and I’ve added my butter my
milk in my vanilla
I gotta
I won’t air it I promise I’m still
where’s our cake so I have finished
making my buttercream these are gonna be
some flowers I am I yellow just kind of
like an orange but that’s okay
my brownish blackish so so I’m gonna
so I made cookies and I’ve got the flaut
like the Wilton 16 tip let’s go
all right so my circle is not that
perfect but you get the idea so this is
what it looks like and then I’m taking
the white is the leaf tip it’s just an
off-brand one it looks like this
so I’m gonna do it I’m gonna pay
yeah you got your kettle
I’m busy okay I’m filming people
wait a minute
how’d you do that so that’s hip yoshi’s
cuz they make that a little bit but try
not to make it so pathetic
you need to take it with you are
oh yeah they put on you I did you
and then you’ve got yourself a little
so this time or if you want to do
something else you can go sure in the
just go out
boy did he do it he didn’t fall down the
steps now we can do it
Oh normally you straps make
and I’m not very good at making or
anything so
I thought you meant for like making it
thank you
three and now like a VHS like roll
number and now I’m gonna
and then you’ve got your lot of cookies
I’m gonna I’m going to what I’m gonna do
the rest of them and I will put these
then I will live in a chill in the
okay so my sunflowers I started to be
more orange and so now I’m gonna make
them jack-o’-lanterns what I’m doing so
I had all the circles for the things to
put so what I did was I took our pumpkin
cookie cutter right here and I’m just on
a plate I’m just sticking
cookie monoplane pushing down lately
bringing it up
now I did just break think and then
you’ve got that cookie left over that
you can use for your pleasure
so I think it’s pretty cool and now it
looks like your cookie didn’t spread
so right now we’ll just beat the Cape
and I am a messy kitchen I’m supposed to
do my homework

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