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How to Make Red Velvet Crinkle Cookies | EASY DIY COOKIE CAKE MIX RECIPE

How to Make Red Velvet Crinkle Cookies an EASY DIY COOKIE CAKE MIX RECIPE

Everyone deserves a special sweet treat on Valentine’s Day so make a batch of Red Velvet Crinkle Cookies and share the love.💗💗

These cookies are easy peasy to make. I used a Red Velvet cake mix to make the cookie dough. I usually make my cookies from scratch, but I didnt have much time on V-day so I decided to cheat and use cake mix. I rolled the cookies in powdered sugar to give them the crinkle affect. 😊

I baked the cookies and cut them into heart shapes while the cookies were still warm. You don’t have to cut the cookies into hearts, but they turned out super cute. Plus, you get to eat all of the cookie scraps:)

And if you don’t want to share and end up eating the entire batch of cookies by yourself, I won’t tell:) You can always run to the store for a box of chocolates!

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Video Transcription

alright guys I’m in the mood forValentine’s Day this is still of daywe’re always a mood for love if you wantto find out how to make these funheart-shaped couple come to red velvetstay tunedhello thanks so much for tuning in it’sdangerous diva and my miracle kid justdyin say hello hello what are we doingtoday we’re baking beautifulheart-shaped Valentine’s cookiesred velvet to be exact who are we bakingon for Josie daddy daddyhopefully he’s enjoying these cookieslet’s get started all you need you needa box of chocolate our red velvet cakewe’re mixing cake mix we were wait waitwait wait we’re mixing cake mix withflour mixing the cake mix and flourwe’re gonna take all the lumps out youwant to help me just[Music]taking all the lumps out so we’recombining the flower of the cake mix toturn it into more of a cookie dough feelinstead of cake batter all you need istwo tablespoons of flour thank God myfunny gave me the powdered sugar okayJosie now that we have all the lumps outguess what we need oh well that’s whathappens when you have a toddler rightJosie accidents will happen but it’llstill be good okay now we need the oilor we’ll take vanilla just need ateaspoon of vanillagood job not the sugar not yet that’sgonna be for the end we just need half acup of oil boiled egg they were raw eggsokay so now we have coconut oil half acup of oil of your choice coconut oilshealthier than vegetable oilI usually substitute my oils coconut oilnow let’s mix this all together and thenwe have our cookie dough you ready[Music]it’s red red velvet it looks like slimered velvet oh my goodness the fire andthe kitchen cooking up red slime cookieoh no don’t get that he’s sick alreadyyou’re doing a great jobright now sleep the only cool does ityeah I think we’ve added about smoothyou want to mix it until it’s smooththen we’re gonna make the balls andwe’re gonna put him on the cookie sheet[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]okay guys I have taken them out of theoven this is what it looks like sprinklesome more oh you want to sprinkle your[Music]I’m gonna let them sit for about twominutes wait a minute no no no I gottawash your hands again and then you canhelp cut them okay no no no no you haveto listen don’t do that cuz your handsaren’t cleanokay mama has to cook dinner because myson is gonna come home hungry for dinnerso I’m making a quick dinner of chocosalad one of this favorites it’s notchocolate Tuesday but we can alwaysknock a shower someone else so here’sthe heart shape that we’re gonna shapethe cookies with that’s why I didn’tmind fairly large Josiah is scaring mewith cookie dough powder my cookie shapeheart is pretty big so I made thecookiesvery large as you can see but it’s gonnabe just right for an hour so stay tuned[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]for you you’re the greatest first buyfor you guys for the sewing love familysubscribe[Music][Music]

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