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How to make ragi cookies at home

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Video Transcription

how to make Wragge crease 100 hundredpieces take 300 grams butter mix it welland mix it well till it goes clumps andtake icing sugar 300 grams mix it wellwith the butter[Music]mix the icing sugar and buttercompletely it become very soft[Music]mix well icing sugar with butterafter mixing icing sugar with butter addrhaggy rhaggy flour wheat flour andcoconut powder approximately 400 gramsmix it with icing sugar and butter mixit well after mixingrhaggy rhaggy flour wheat flour andcoconut powder it will be looking likethis and make a round ball and make itsoftmix it well for minimum 5 minutesafter mixing all this ingredients keepthis aside and take a tray give take atray andkeep a butter paper on it and place abutter paper on the day so the engineshould not have stick to the tray sothat is the reason we keep the butterpaper on the tray[Music][Music]after this ingredient is ready mix itwell once again make a small balls likethat like this and place it over thereagain same process make a small ball andplace it on the tray make a small ballsand place it like this on the tray andwe have this much in this one take afolk spoon anddo like this[Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music][Music][Music]take us new tree again do the sameprocess the same process againmake the balls again place it on a newtray after making all this process placeit in the microwave in with thetemperature of[Music]and wait for five to ten minutes and acookies will be ready second between andturn the dayand increase the time for more ten tofive minutes total 15 minutes and yourcookies will be ready and here tastytasty cookies ready[Music][Applause]

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