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Jared & Brie are getting in the holiday spirit at their annual cookie exchange party! Find out if we recommend these peppermint cookies or not in this video! Enjoy!

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Video Transcription

[Music][Music]hey guys it’s Bree from Jared and Breewelcome back to our Channel Jared’sactually not here today because he hasworked in school but we were gonna dowas make Christmas cookies and it’sgonna be for my family’s exchange cookieexchange party thing where we makecookies kind of like we did last yearwhich I’ll put the video in thedescription box below so you can seekind of how the cookie exchange partyworks but this year I’m just gonna focuson just making the cookies and thenJared’s gonna come later and taste testto see if I did a good job or not butbasically I have no idea what I’m doingyet and you guys are gonna have to helpwalk me through this so JP babies justthank you for your support all right sofirst I’m gonna be cheating and usinggluten free just put it in the microwaveboom but I’m actually gonna use this asa base and this is gonna turn into acookie pop hopefully with peppermintyou’ll see it later I’m really bad atexplaining this because Jer it’s nothere okay and then there’s the sugarcookies this is gonna be my secondcookie another cheat but I’m gonna tryto put the little chocolate pepperminton there like that right okay so we’llsee if this works let’s be good so thisis basically everything that I have laidout so far this over is gonna be onecookie and this over is gonna be anothercookie so this cookie is what I’m gonnastart with we’re gonna put it in theoven I didn’t mean to say microwave thefirst time I’m going to put it into theovencook it and then we’ll see how it goes[Music]you’re gonna be amazing okay so we’regonna let these cookies cool down alittle bit and then the next step isgonna be for me to mash them did youguys hear the door that’s just the windI’m a little freaked out right now okayanyways okay pause for a second reallyquick my mom is running outside butcould help bless Cerritos outside it’slike running around an animal got to allof our pumpkins so she’s like trying toget rid of all of the pumpkins and stufffor like everybody who’s coming over andeverything so it doesn’t look all messyes i but it’s so windyit’s crazy outside you open up the doorand it like hits you in the face it’sinsane like listenhere that outside it is insane okaysorry back to making cookies and I’mhelping my mom sound bareback oh sheneeds one more garbage bag to put thepumpkin soon because the bag flew awayyou guys so bad outside to the roof ohlook at see this is what’s going on thisis what’s happening this is why we’reout here alright mom put the pumpkin tothe back what you doing you guys if Ican explain you how cold it is okay youguys it’s crazywhat did you think about that mom[Music]oh my gosh that looks so good it’s theEmmagirl look at that oh you’re eating allyoursgood job looking good girls oh we doneed some helpare you like her gingerbread look ishere Jared he’s gonna help with thecookies now we didn’t know that he wasgonna be here but[Music][Music][Music][Applause][Music]now that you guys have seen the cookiesthat pre-made for the cookie exchangeunfortunately I had to leave early butI’m actually going to taste test theones that she made so this one I kind ofhelped her with then this one that kindof just helped her bake the cookies butI never actually got to try them so I’mgonna go do that right now and we’ll seehow it tastes so I’ll go with a littleshove your cookie first because I knowwe put like a little bit of peppermintlike in the actual dough so I’m hopingthat it did work but we’ll seeyou keep dropping the pieces so I don’tdoes taste really good I think thepeppermint did go actually under thecookie so that’s really cool yeah I likethe way that she decorated with a littleHershey’s kiss on the top of it so nowI’m gonna try the top fell offbummer and try this one littlepeppermint stick in it I kind of tastedthis one before and it was really goodbut I never had it with the chocolateyet so I’m gonna try it with thechocolate and we’ll see what it tasteslikenow uh I don’t really even know what shedid with it but I think it’s just likecrushed up cookie dough everything it’slike a cookie pop inside of a cake popbut the peppermint stick adds a lot soit tastes really good but those are thetwo cookies which one’s your favorite Idon’t know they’re both really good Ididn’t try this one yet ate the wholepie she’s kissed oh I love this oneokay ball one yeah isn’t this one likethis is the best ever you need to makethis like you will be in heaven it islike better than a cake ball wouldn’tyou agreeyes sorry I interrupted I just saw foodokay but yeah so those are the twocookies I pre-made for the the was itcalled cookie exchange but yeah they’reboth amazing so if you guys ever make orhave like a tradition like that likecookie exchange or something put downyour ideas of the kinds of cookies thatyou guys make and maybe we’ll even trymaking some of those as well well I hopeyou guys enjoyed this videoit was a lot of fun I wasn’t even herefor the majority of it Bree was but Iwish I could have stayed longer but forwhat I was here for I was a lot of funand I hope you guys enjoyed don’t forgetto leave a like comment down below hitthe subscribe button and hit the bellfor our post notifications and we willsee you guys next weekpeace[Applause]

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