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How to make Orange Cookies | Cookie / Biscuit Recipe

How to make orange cookies

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Video Transcription

[Music]hello everyone you’re welcome to mychannel my name is Tanya white if youare new to my channel welcome and if youand all subscriber thank you for beingwith me and if you’ve not subscribedplease join this growing familyin today’s video I’ll be making orangecookies orange cookies look beautifuland tastes delicious join me in thekitchenthank you it’s very cold here and I’vebrought out my butter and our two beforebaking by sea notice that my daughterwas had reconsider when I tried mixingnames its resisted so I had the postvideo and ensure that the bottom was alittle warm today I could mix it robotswork very difficult the water splashingall over using a spatula I scraped theside of the bowl to the centre syrup andmix it againif you are new to my channel my name isTanya I make videos on kidsI added them to egg yolks and orangesand I mix all togetherI’m adding the orange zest I got it fromone large orangeif you have not subscribed to my channelplease subscribe to my channelhidden notification on their way benotified of more interesting content asI said earlier and make delicious andtasty death foods and food[Music]my love for baking has come a long way Iremember when I was little everyChristmas would be was a tradition forme to make a mix of changing and I justdid not have an idea or idea of therecipe or by those nodaone says flour on the sugar the changingin red is now just mix everythingtogether and it just usually comes outnice for sometimes your job only thechange in your job would ache you fordays all my brothers enjoyed itnow I’m adding the flour into the buttermixture and mix in all togetheryesterday was Halloween I had somechildren knock at the door and liketrick-or-treatand I offered them my delicious orangecookies and they enjoyed it Rogerscreamingat this point I’m adding the rest of theflour then add then becomes flour somesome people call it con started in thecon flour and baking powder and sittingall together the reason why you have todo this so that the baking powder andconstitute distribute around the flourand also makes the fly more and airylights and makes in his earthly resultBeckyafter seven the flower inside the Fatahmixture you mix all together at thispoint the dough becomes a little the topto makeyou’ll have to use all the strength youhave in you you know that you don’t haveto go to the gym to get this pack youcan do it right in your kitchen justbaking can give you the muscles you needand eating the right food can give youthe six packs units[Music]now a mountain of the mixin then I’llput it inside a baking sheet ofparchment paper and refrigerate or chillfor an hour plus amount to 30 minutestoday at the water can time to calm himso that when he enters into the old oneit doesn’t he doesn’t just melt out anddisfigure the ship Oh lovely cookies soI’m I do is chilling in the freezerI’m breathing my baking tray with wateraligning with parchment papernow my dough is out of the freezer soI’m rolling into tiny little balls ifyou actually want all your balls to beand the same measurement you can useyour skill to measure everything likeyou cut them out into small chunks andput them on top of your skill andmeasure all they wrote so they all comeout looking the same[Music]when you place your ball inside yourbaking tray make sure you put them twoinches apart so that they don’t jointogether when baking I’ve made loads ofthis mistake put in my mindmy dog keep those together they come outor squash top so I just don’t want youto be in that kind of situation[Music]lightly sprinkle some flour on your forkand press down to flatten when you aredone bake until golden brown for like 10minutes and with a metal spatulatransfer to Iraq to cool inside with acup of coffee or tea[Music]we have come to the end of this video Ihope you enjoyed watching this video asmuch as I enjoyed making this videoplease subscribe to my channel and hit anotification bell way be notified ofmore future and interesting contentthank you[Music]you

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