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How to make orange cookies by Zoe

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Video Transcription

greetings young chef welcome to thegrass it’s my awesome s best mostamazing cooking check in the whole world[Applause]I’m going to cook orange cookies so whydon’t you tell me I will I’m using magicnot camera editing one cup of gratedorange peelTinky phase of vanilla extracts two cupsof plain flourone teaspoon of baking soda[Music][Music]I’m not mixing bowl[Music]no question but cream together thebutter and sugar and not[Music]distracted[Music]and next add in your flour baking sodaand such[Music]I mix it wellDRA ohmic uses that food to sleep atsome mixture and and roll them and rollit into a bowl and then place it on yourmatings right and they snap put put eachcookie about five centimeters apart sothen they won’t stick together thenAfghan add up to put them in the ovenand make them for about 10 to 12 minutestill head into that hazel brown oncethey cook transfer them to a wire rackuntil they’re good and that pass makeorange cookies enjoy

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