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How to Make Optimal Chocolate Chip Cookies: Munchie Motivation

Tis the season for holiday cookies! For this episode of “Munchie Motivation” I’m showing you how to make optimal chocolate chip cookies so you can satisfy your cravings and advance your health at the same time!

Instead of using white flour, eggs and butter, this recipe uses optimal ingredients while still being delicious AND my favorite part… they’re filling!

These cookies make it HARD to eat more than two (lol and I LOVE to eat!). These cookies erase the struggle of trying to “stay out of the cookie jar.”

Tomorrow, on Take Control Tuesdays, I’ll share why feeling full and satiated is a must for long-term weight loss and longevity. Forget trying to eat less and push the plate away.

Watch today’s episode of Munchie Motivation to learn how to make these 6 ingredient chocolate chip cookies that are not only delicious, but are gluten and flour free too.

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Now I’d love to hear from you so I can make Munchie Motivation even better for you…

Would you make this munchie at home? Why or why not? Comment below.

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Remember, optimal munchies can satisfy cravings and help you live longer at the same time. Tune in next Monday for another episode of Munchie Motivation and I hope to see you tomorrow on Take Control Tuesdays.

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