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I’m sharing another excellent treats for this coming Yuletide season . It’s an amazing Nuts Cookies for all of us .

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Video Transcription

hi everyone how are you guys ciao oh wowit’s afternoon here in my service andtoday it’s raining and I’m here to makeit’s in hi it’s Cooking Mama and nowguys I’m gonna show you how to make anuts cookies do you like cookies or whatflavor do you like and hurts manygreetings guys it’s here what’s thisokay I have here make sure you have thisone always remember that you mustprepare all our things and theningredients and I have our flour I’musing 2 cups of flour or two and a halfcup of flowers and I have here I willnut again and sunflower seed album andthey have brown sugar and refined sugaras its it to be there it’s almost 1 cupof sugarthe friendship Webb brown sugar andwhite sugar I mix it and pinch of saltand I’m milking two eggs and a sudhabaking soda melted butter and a milkfresh milk and that’s all guys areingredients for our cookies areingredients[Music]see I’m using some recent flower for mytea so that I want to add Vicky motor it[Music]all right[Music]becomes 100 okay make sure you have thisoneand we mix our greetings here are twotimes this one or 1/4 teaspoon of ourbaking soda mix it is of salt[Applause]we mix all our dry ingredients here wealready have it okay next are two eightit should I don’t know Sheeran’s aremelted butterOhjust knowwhich milkand our sugar just remain a door forthat[Applause][Applause]that’s all I needPookieif you don’t have your stand mixer youcan use your hand but if they fix yourhand mixernext we add our sugar[Applause]and now it’s really our dough is readyis outyeah and then baby will mix our wholenut 50 grams of water 50 grams of slicedand some flowers it pretty easy viseremember and mix it together and that’show I make my do PE release mmm smellsit smells it means it is Mel’s good lookat that I am adding a honey stars oryellow guys look at this one my kidslove this one ladies it’s optional butit’s up to you if you like to mix someencouraging so that’s a – that scares mydo it’s quick and easy cookiesdude here and make sure the surface isclean and you have this one a foodimportant is you have this wax papernonstick paper or we call it nonstickpaper or wax paper it’s almost the sameright here we are it’s ready and I’mpatting just 1/4 cup of flour again[Applause][Applause]and here’s our cookie – guys it’s readyto refrigerate we refrigerate this onefor about half an hour this one andafter we would bake this one guys it’spretty yummy look at this this is how Imake my cookie look at this one makesure you have this actually already thisone and then sticky paper or wax liquorthat’s all thanks for watching guys anddon’t forget to Like comment andsubscribe and here’s my cookiesOhlike cookies[Music]there’s four baryou type[Music][Music]

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