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How to Make My Secret Recipe Cookies

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Video Transcription

when making these cookies you want about2 and 1/4 cups of flour you want a 1teaspoon of baking sodaone teaspoon of baking powder someoneabout one and a half teaspoons of saltyeah and then you just want to mix ittogether mix it together as well as youcan you’ll be beautiful and then put itinside of a small little bowl later youwant to add 3/4 cups a packed bound tothe mentors back and then 3/4 cup shapeit’s plain white sugar and then twosticks of butter just wanna mix thattogether as well as possible you want toadd a little bit more than one teaspoonof another and then you add two eggs somix in one egg and then put the otheregg in that looks well usually most mostreactions it’s what you want to do minejust took a while cos I had a record andI was only using one hand so yeahRichard’s all mixed together well andthat flower makes you heard of you youwant to make sure you gradually mix itin so every so often you want to putsome in and then stop the mixer and thenput some one so now you have to put intwo cups of chocolate chips that washalf of them and now here’s the otherhalf because with some mixers this one’sbrand-new I just don’t want to test theboundaries on some mixers if they’re oldlike this like I’m I feel like this theywill stop working so and they take thatnap of cotton so after that you wouldmake sure you put it into a bowl likethat you want to put it into the freezerfor about 15 minutes 15 minutes or sothat’s pretty good to put in therefrigerator you want to make sure youlift off every single thing you can allthe cook it off well that’s if it’s thecertain eggs don’t if you have whiteeggs don’t do it some another you wantto preheat the oven to 375 degrees andthen you just wait and then you put itin for about nine and ten minutes afterthat time is up but you usually want todo just leave it on the pan for abouttwo minutes let it get that visually ittastes perfect and then you put it on orthat sets it down till it cools off andthen you eat itmaybe it grab some milk with it perfectperfect that’s how you make chocolatechip cookies if you haven’t yet me tolike you subscribe put on your postnotifications get notified of futurevideos you share this video with yourfriendthank you hope you guys can use this andI’ll see you all at the video peace

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