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Video Transcription

hey guys it’s Sarah and today I’m going
to show you how I make my super duper
loaded cookies first you’re going to
need 120 grams of sugar 112 grams of
butter 34 grams of egg yeah under
strange 2 grams of baking powder and 150
grams of bread flour and I’d love to
shout out HL foods for sponsoring the
flower for this video this flower is
super bomb and perfect for cookies and I
highly recommend it
so yeah thank you so much my flower even
better than you know actual flowers vo
gilfred sandstone wheat flour instead of
real flowers and see how that goes we’re
gonna mix the sugar and the butter until
it is nice and pale and ready for the
egg and then put the egg inside of the
butter and the sugar and we’re gonna mix
that too until it’s combined then we’re
gonna stick the flour inside all of that
and we’re also gonna stick the baking
powder inside of that and we’re gonna
mix it until it’s just combined oh when
you can stick your finger on it and it
doesn’t stick on your finger now we’re
going to struggle to tin wrap all of it
and stick it in the fridge for about 20
minutes until it is pretty solid and
easy to work with I’ll roll these into
crack chunky little bowls you can
generally roll them into whatever size
you want but I wanted to make giant
loaded cookies today we’re gonna stick
them on the tray squish them down with
our fingers or folk if you’re not a
savage like I am I chose to stick some
M&Ms inside of them because Smarties are
pretty bummed but also the colors aren’t
great because someone went out and
ruined the Smarty recipe so we’re doing
M&Ms today but you you do you we’re
gonna bake these cookies at 175 degrees
for 10 minutes and they should come out
looking kinda like this I cookie cutted
my cookies into perfect circles because
I don’t know how to make perfect circle
cookies and I also enjoyed eating off
the scraps and shoveling all those into
my mouth then we are going to pour some
dark chocolate over one
off of the cookie I was contemplating
pouring white chocolate over the other
half but even that’s just a little too
extra for me and of course we need to
add sprinkles because it’s not going to
be a Sarah video without too many
now I filled my cookies with Nutella
buttercream but you don’t even have to
fill your cookies this is just extra
cookie it’s actually a bit too sweet to
eat but hey I also coated it an extra
chocolate cake that I had lying around
because why waste you know we’re trying
to make these cookies and impossible
form of decadence which is extremely
difficult to stomach and this is your
finished cookie and Cottage should look
like this all better
I don’t know I’m kind of an amateur
cookie makin still but I hope you
enjoyed the video if it was somewhat
helpful and your cookie adventures and
yeah I hope you have the best day ever
and I will see you soon shout out again
to H old Foods for helping me out with
my cookie flower and bye guys

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