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Hey everyone today I’m going to be sharing how I make my lactation cookies. This has definitely helped boost my supply little by little. Don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t work right away it took about 2 days for me to notice a difference. Here’s all the ingredients if you need to refer to it:

1 cup butter room temperature
1 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup granulated sugar(white sugar)
2 eggs room temperature
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
1 1/2 cups flour
Dash of salt
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
3 tablespoons flaxseed meal
1/3 cup brewers yeast
3 cups of oats
2 cups chocolate chips (I personally added more)

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Video Transcription

hey guys welcome back to another videotoday I’m going to be sharing with youmy recipe for lactation cookies that’swhy I’m in my kitchen right now I amgoing to go ahead and show you guys howI make them I figured I would share itwith everyone or for other breastfeedingmoms out there they worked for me um Ifeel like they definitely did kind ofhelp my supply so I just wanted to shareit with other people and maybe it willhelp them or help maintain your supplybut it’s super easy and it doesn’t taketoo long at all to do so I’m gonna goahead and go over all the ingredientsyou need and also like as I’m goingthrough the video I’ll save themeasurements but if in case you miss itor you need to refer to it I’m gonna goahead and put all of that in thedescription box so if the case you needit it’s gonna be down there so let’s goahead and get it so first things first Iam going to preheat my oven to about 375you can dear oven at 350 but my oven iskind of like weird and doesn’t reallyget that hot at 350 so I’m just gonna goahead and put it on at 375 but over hereI have all of the ingredients thatyou’re going you’re going to need foryour lactation cookies and I’m gonnaquickly go over all of this so firstthings first utensils you need yourmeasuring utensils I have these smallones and then the bigger ones rightthere and over here I have my mixingbowls I I’m gonna use a small one forthe wet ingredients and then the big onefor the dry ingredients and then to mixeverything together so that’s theutensils as far as the ingredientsyou’re going to need two eggs every roomtemperature butter at room temperatureyou’re gonna need salt baking powderyou’re also going to need vanillaextract brewers yeast now this is one ofthe key ingredients for lactationcookies and you’re going to also needsome flaxseed now that’s also superimportantum for producing more milk and back hereI have some brown sugar and in this oneI have regular white sugar so that’s inthere you’re gonna need some oatmeal oroatsthat’s also super important and thenflourso that’s oh and sorry the chocolatechips as well I’m getting to finishusing this pack and if I need a littlebit more I’m gonna go ahead and openthis one but that is all the ingredientsthat you’re going to need and let’s goahead and get startedso completely forgot to mention of youalso going to need something to put thecookies in after you’re done baking Ihave this clear jar that I put mycookies in so I like the way it looksthat’s what I’m going to be using andover here I have my baking sheet so asyou can tell a lot so you also need abaking sheet as well I’m gonna mix allof these ingredients together into C forabout five minutes or so should get likea fluffy consistency okay so you knowit’s telling whenever there’s no lumpsof butter left and this is the color andconsistency that it should be it’s likea fluffy almost like looks like peanutbutter kind of but whenever you’re donewith that you’re gonna go ahead in goahead and put in one egg at a time soI’m going to crack this one in there mixit and then add the other one not at thesame timeokay so now that I am done with mixingthe second egg into the bowl I’m gonnago ahead and add in some vanilla extractand you’re gonna take two teaspoons ofthis so okay so I’m just gonna go aheadand mix this in now okay so I am donewith the ingredients I’m gonna put thisbowl to the side and work on the dryingredients so I have my mixing bowlready I went ahead and removed the stuffthat they don’t need anymorebut so for this you’re going to startoff with 1 and 1/2 cups of flour so Ijust have my flour in this containerright here next thing that I’m gonna addis the baking powder I’m gonna take 1/2teaspoon of this next thing I’m gonna dois take a dash of salt like you justneed very little of this so that’s goodand after the salt I’m gonna go aheadand add in 3 tablespoons of the flaxseedmeal and I purchased this at HEB so thisis where I found it in a museum bob’sred mule brand and it is the wholeground flaxseedafter the flaxseed I’m gonna add in theburs East now and for this themeasurement is 1/3 cup of burrs eastBrewers I can’t pronounce it BrewersEast so this is what it looks like Ialso purchased this from HG be in thelike nutrition side it wasn’t in likeyour regular grocery section I had ahard time finding this at first but Iended up finding it there and not in theactual like aisles of groceries so justkeep that in mind it is considered likea superfood so you may not find it inlike where the regular groceries rightso we’re in the baking aisle so I’mgonna add that as for the chocolatechips chips but I like to add in twocups of chocolate chips just because andI feel like it tastes a little bitsweeter so that’s what I’m doing in onebag of these I believe is too cooked soif I’m not mistaken yeah one bag ofthese is two cups but since I hadalready used some of itI’m only when we have a cup and a halfso usually I mix this in first before Iadd in some more chocolate chips but ifI if I feel that I need four just lookslike it doesn’t have enough chocolatechips I’ll go ahead and add in some moreso I’m just gonna mix this togetherokay so this is what the rice the dryingredients look like looks like I’mgonna go ahead and add in just a littlebit more chocolate chips like I saidit’s just all about personal personalpreference you can add in as manychocolate chips as you want you don’tI’m using chocolate mousse likesemi-sweet ones or dark chocolate or addin anything you want to it it’s totallyup to you okay so this is what it lookslike now I think this looks good sowe’re ready to add the previous mixingbowl that we had with the wetingredients we’re gonna go ahead and addit into this and mix it up okay so Ihave my wet ingredients right here I’mgonna go ahead and add it into thebigger bowl I’m just gonna give it aquick mix once you start mixing bothtogether it should create the doughconsistency so just keep mixing untileverything is basically this looks likecookie dough I had to take a quicklittle pause because nobody woke up fromtheir nap yeah did you sleep good babydid you sleep good he is going to be mylittle helper right he’s gonna hang outwith me while I finish okay so this iswhat the cookie dough should look likewhenever you’re done mixing everythingit should feel and what should feel andlook like cookie dough so now that allof this is done I’m gonna go ahead andput them on my baking sheet over here soI usually just kind of like eyeball ityou can use a cookie scooper to scoopthem onto this if you train but I don’thave one of those either so I’m justgonna go ahead and use the spoon that Iam using currently to mix it and I kindof just eyeball it and I just takebasically likea spoonful of the dough and I just kindof form it into a little like a ball andthen I just kind of flatten out the topand place it on the on the baking sheetokay so my cookies are ready to go intothe oven this is what they look like butI’m gonna go ahead get these in the ovenand set a timer for 13 minutes and thenI will show you guys whenever I bringthem out of the oven okay so I just tookthe cookies out of the oven I’m going tolet them cool off I’m probably gonna letthem cool off completely because my babyis getting a little bit fussy he isready to eatand take a nap so I’m gonna come backand let them cool completely before Iput them in the jar I let them restbecause if they’re still warm and I putthem in there the chocolate will go willsmear everywhere and make a mess so I’mgoing to let them cool and then comeback and show you guys and make one morerep okay guys so here I am just puttingall the cookies in the container that Ihave for them and that is pretty much itfor this video let me know if you guyslike this video if you tried out therecipe let me know if it works out foryou I eat about 3 of these cookies a dayand I do see it increase in my suppliesso I forgot to mention that earlier butanyways like I said I hope you guys likethis video and I will see you guys in mynext one bye

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