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How to make home-made Almond Flour Cookies!

How to make home-made Almond Flour Cookies!

1) 2 cups of almond flour
2) 4 tablespoons of brown sugar
3) 1 teaspoon of baking powder
4) ½ teaspoon of salt
5) 4 tablespoons of maple syrup
Director and supervision: Mommy Jenny
Video man and editing: Daddy Kelvin
Junior chef: Celine
Chef apprentice: Claudine
Soundtrack: Playdate by The Great North Sound Society [YouTube Audio Library]

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Video Transcription

hello everybody weare the chubby little sisterstoday we are going to teach everyonehow to make almond flour cookiesi wonder what it tastes like wellthere’s only one way to find outingredients you will needare 2 cupsof almond flour 4 tablespoons of brownsugar1 teaspoon of baking powderhalf a teaspoon of saltand last of all four tablespoonsof maple syrupfirstly we mix all the dryingredients together the almond flourbrown sugar baking powder and saltyep[Music]thank youyou[Music]then mix them together[Music][Music]make sure you are mixed thoroughlypour the maple syrup in the mixtureand mix well until it forms a stickydough[Music]if your mixture doesn’t become a stickydoughadd two to four tablespoons of wateror milkthen mix them well[Music]your dough should look something likethisooh sticky use a dessert spoontake the dough and roll it into a ballthen put each of them on the bakingsheetwith at least two inches apart from eachother[Music]look at our balls i’ll golet me press down each ballof dough[Music]put this into a preheated ovenof 180 degrees celsiusbake them for around 15 minutes[Music][Music]i can’t wait for the cookies to cooldownvery verytime to try out cookies[Music]bye see you next time[Music]action use a little spoon andtake some dough so that you can

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