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How to Make Healthy Cookies | Teresa Cutter’s Health Crunch Cookies

How to make my Health Crunch Cookies! These delicious gluten-free cookies are so simple, packed with protein, fibre and minerals. They make the perfect lunchbox cookies or a great healthy snack! They’re also amazing with your morning cup of coffee or tea! TIP: use tahini instead of peanut butter for a nut-free version.

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Video Transcription

hi guys today we are shooting cookies Iknow I love to bake but these are mygorgeous Maori cookies from the cookiebaking and they divine 250 grams of oatshere that have been lightly toasted inthe oven there just a little splash ofmaple and some vanilla as well I’ve alsogot some peanut butter which I’m goingto put into into a bowl so you can dothis by hand or you can do this withyour hand mixer and I’ve got about 60grams of softened butter olive oil ifyou find the butter adds a beautifulbeautiful creaminess to a spatula now init which we’ve got some coconut sugar soI’ve only got a little bit I’ve only gota couple of tablespoons of coconut sugaryou don’t want too much because youdon’t want this to be too sweetness withthe dates add a lot of sweetness so I’mgonna mix in the coconut sugar and I’malso gonna mix in a bit in all at thesame time okay it’s beautiful it’s mixedin it’s lovely it’s creamy and deliciousnow from there at what I want to do is Iwant to add the 250 grams of oats nowremember these have been slightlytoasted you can even use a granola whichwould be really cool as well just about125 grams of dagon what we’re gonna dois just give it a mixjust get our trusty ice cream scoop likeI always like to use when I’m makingcookies and what we’re gonna do is we’regonna portion nice big generous amountsnow you can make these into giantcookies or you can make them into smallcookies it’s whatever you want so what Iwant to do is I just want to flattenthese cookies out ever so slightly justusing just using my hands and then whatwe’re gonna do is just we’re gonnasprinkle the tops just with some pumpkinseeds in like little healthy bursts ofmuesli cookies infused with peanutbutter protein and goodness but these gointo and there you go look at thatbeautiful delicious Maui health crunchycookies from my healthy baking bookbehind protein they’re sort of oats fullof oats full of little mineral rich zinclittle bombs here in the pumpkin seedsand they’re deliciousso enjoy base

2 Replies to “How to Make Healthy Cookies | Teresa Cutter’s Health Crunch Cookies

  1. Hi. The look lovely. Don’t you wizz up the dates first? Also what could I replace the peanut butter with as I’m not too keen on nut butters?

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