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How to Make Hazelnut Crescent cookies, Christmas Holiday Baking Cheekyricho Cooking recipe.ep.1,309

Perfect with a cuppa or a cocktail, these dainty little Hazelnut Crescent cookies are buttery, nutty shortbread style cookies coated in sugar to give just the right amount of sweetness, we do hope you give them a try.
170g plain flour
50g caster sugar
125g butter
60g raw hazelnuts
1 egg yolk

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Video Transcription

I love the geological he’s a butterynutty croissants great to have with thecure or coffee after dinner or just witha cup of coffee for morning tea theingredients are in the recipe box belowthere are only five of them they lookpretty they taste great they’re nuttynot too sweet and I think you’re goingto enjoy them too we’re going to beusing the Thermomix if you use groundhazelnuts you can skip this step but I’mgoing to grind the nuts myself and theThermomix in a matter of seconds onspeed six okay after ten seconds that’swhat you should have we’re now going toadd a half an hour caster sugar thebalance is going to be held back toroll-out presencing when it comes out ofthe oven we’re sending in our plainflour and our butter we’ve got an eggyolk here that’s going to bring ittogether and this is just one of therest of you you can use if you’ve beenusing your egg whites for something likea pavlova or something okay so we justwant to combine these ingredients untilthe film’s are soft dough speed threefor 30 seconds okay after 30 secondsthis is what you should have it’s comingtogether really nicelywe’re going to push it into a ball andpop it into the fridge to relaxso far this recipe has taken 40 secondstip this out onto baking mat this wigglethe blade and it all should fall rightout okay it’s well and truly mixed justpush it into a ball I don’t have toknead it or anything make it into littleflat discs and we’re going to flatten itout and chill it for half an hour or soin the fridge to relax okay al has a nutpresidents have rested in the fridge fora while and then we’re just gonna breakoff chunks it’s quite cool probablyabout that big okay rolling into a bitof a sausage and then we’re gonna turnit into a little crescent shape so justpoint the ends a little bit not toosharp because I’ll burned in the ovenand then we’re just gonna pop them ontoour baking tray okaygo aroundand continue with the rest okay here’s alittle prison biscuits all made upsitting on the baking tray the oven ispreheated to 180 degrees Celsius andwe’re gonna cook them for about 15minutes until they’re just blonde andthey come out of the oven nice and hotwe’re gonna roll them in our castorsugar okay after 15 minutes our littlepresents just come out of the oventhey’re very hot I’m just going tosprinkle a little bit of sugar in thebottom of a bowl pop them in there tossthem all around in the sugar and becausethey’re quite hot still the sugar willstick to them quite well and will give anice frosty coating you might rememberthere’s very little sugar actually inthe biscuits themselves so the coatingon the outside adding just the rightamount of sweetness that’s more castersugar and we’ll just kind of shake itall over the top okay now you have to bea bit careful with these when you getthem out of the oven because they’rereally out quite hot to handle and ifyou drop them kind of break in half I’mnot too stressed about this but I’mgoing to show you what they’re like inscience you can see the all the piecesof the hazelnut all the way throughthere mmm they will get a bit morecrisper when they’re cold but there’sabsolutely nothing wrong with them whenthey’re warm thanks for watching

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