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How to make Guinea pig cookies part 1

Make sure to go see part 2 to See me giving the pigs there cookies!!!!!!!♥️♥️

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

hi and Evelyn banku and today we’remaking kimchi so the ingredients of thisdouble oil you don’t get any bigger butwe have young guinea pigs so where’s theother one honey flower Oh make sure youuse these are gluten-free flour or oatswell and then and we’re using a cookiecutter to cut it into shapes we arerunning in a flowerokay there that’s enough for the basenext we’re gonna put some food in here[Music]actually a little bit of honey I thinkstarted we are having troubles with thehoneyoh it’s not openingokay got it[Music]that’s no okay next is vegetable oilvegetable oil just like half a cup inthere yeah so with this much and onething is water and then we’re gonna makeit a dull so we’re gonna we’re gonna mixit up and make it go obviously we haveguinea pigs to make these four will showthe guinea pigs eating them okay now weneed a spoon and we’re gonna mix allthis up to make a dough and we’llprobably get more of each ingredient andput it more in there once we get thedough and like put it on the pan I’m notgonna bake this by the way we alreadyneed more pellets in there because it’sjust like a lottery really really waterywe also have a cookie cutter to makethese the shapes is do you think this isgood yeah yeah so our I think our dogneeds more flour so your dad looks a lotlike this[Music]wait right here we’re gonna spread alittle flour on there and the dough willbe more I actually dropped it a littlebit more flour on it because it’s areally really watery right now so youdon’t want to water you cuz then it’llend up not like sitting together and youshould please heat your oven whileyou’re doing this to 350 and then putyour oven in say you have enough 350 bythe way but there is guinea pig food init might smell really bad depending onthe food that you put in here yeah we’reusing the setup we’re using the bestskinny right room but it doesn’t smellthat good yeah it smells really bad butI love it yeah it’s worth it for yourguinea pigs believe us today the guineapigs don’t have their food they havetheir veggies today and they love theiryou had a good salad you don’t have aruler so we just can’t use a cast videodown here heat there you go we’re gonnaput it in there spreading around andwe’re gonna use the Christmas treecutter to cut so yeah this is not evenargued he thinks it’s not like a 1d orbirthday or anything we we’ve had themfor like two months but this is just tomake it for them because they love it somuch so we’re scooping the tape so we’regonna cut this okay we’re gonna cut themix right thereI’m gonna put a little water more in thebowl and then we’re gonna scoop it ontothe mixture yeah we’re taking some ofthe mix and putting it in here becausewe don’t have enough water then you needto make it a little bit more watery andthey don’t be a little easier to first Idon’t like to wateryhere’s what the mixture looks like theyhave a little flour – we’ll also needmore vegetable oil yeah we’re gonna usethe cap so our oven is preheating rightnow and then we’re gonna put them on apan and then put them in there and youdon’t need to butter the pan or anythingor do anything to it you just put it innow and then leave and then let’s set atimer and let it bake in there for 15minutes not to our guinea pigs yeah Ithink any Pink’s love it our guinea pigsnames are chocolate and cookie buzzesand you get to seewe’re actually going to Petco today notwith each otherwe’re going so we’re gonna get a lot ofnew stuff for the guinea pig so theguinea pigs are gonna be extra happytoday because there’s a lot of new shoesthat we’re gonna probably new treatsbecause they like store-bought treatsand then probably step for our reptileswith our upstairs suit you’ve alreadyseen some videos of probably yeahwatching there are videos even if youhaven’t seen them so go check those outum we’re adding in an extra dough forour first onefaster didn’t turn out the cookiecutters work very well you can just useChristmas cookie cutters or you couldjust use like heart cookie cutters orwhatever like last time we made thesecheats you’ve used footballers andcritters and now we’re just usingChristmas tree cuz they work better nowthat’s the fun onesobediently feather heated or but we’regonna make like one more treat and thenwe’re goodand then we’re gonna bake them in theoven and we’re gonna pause this in thedo when they’re in the oven so um seeyou[Music]

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