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How to make Gluten Free Chocolate & Peanut Butter Cookies with Moy

Moylan Lovell of Moy’s Gluten Free Kitchen makes some tempting Chocolate and Peanut Butter Cookies on Cup of Joe TT.
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Video Transcription

Moin lover loves me she loves me
chocolate peanut butter cookies beauty
free you don’t even know the difference
when it comes to the school because when
you taste a big goods just tasting good
and this is one of my favorites most
things you do when you do chocolate and
peanut butter I like anything special
about this one that I should be aware of
you know we’ve been trying to stress the
really easy to make even you can make it
there’s a not something limit or because
we’re we use a crunchy peanut butter
making resident oh yeah
but we’re not gonna make chocolate I
just happen to make chocolate because
the principle of all this is as I said
it’s easy to make right okay
I did this with end of some cake mix
thing I had a chocolate cake mix it
that’s why I ended up with chocolate
peanut butter cookies the idea of this
is a good little leftovers you harder
you just pull this together right so the
idea is any of your one-to-one
gluten-free flour mixes any of your flaw
mixes at all any of them can be used to
make this particular recipe uni you just
have to check your flour blend to see if
there’s any xanthan gum in it that’s
preferable you want something with some
sounds and gum maybe an important
ingredient when it comes to be free and
then maybe eat some baking powder if
there’s none of us in it then your
recipe has a suggestion for how much you
can put designs on them and how much you
can put at the baking powder but you
really want to find a blend that has it
and as I said I use a chocolate cake mix
and that was fine
there are vanilla cake mixes there are
one-to-one baking mixes their bread
mixes it already does it is motto you
just want a floor plan that you come
from of it because that’s it for
instance use a bread make something has
flaxseed and chia seeds well then you
got a healthy
that’s all and that’s fine for
gluten-free cake mixes the it’s a gluten
free cake mix yes not any will kick me
no has to be here I’d rather adaptable
so I suppose for our non-gluten
reviewer yeah this same principle of my
cake mix all day that’s not you free
then you could do the same thing because
this recipe is really that simple yeah
and only because today it’s so simple we
are also going to offer you the
opportunity to take the recipe my
traditional recipe and do it vegan let
me explain
so we started with are you making giving
you opposite to do it vegan that is
asking again because you know there we
don’t have just people like we’ve got no
back I’m going vegan this morning we
gonna put this back in way this is mine
so no eggs eggs and one egg for the
recipe you brought the egg one just in
case I decided we’ve got this which is
just a flop lemon as I said if it does
not have xanthan gum or baking powder or
maybe just a touch more sugar I don’t
know what kind of peanut butter using
because the real starving of this recipe
is a peanut butter so if you’re using a
peanut butter that has a lot of oil and
sugar you check your brand label then
you can decide whether you want to add a
little bit more sugar or seasoning as it
would if you’re gonna call it that route
to your flour blend so we just have a
basic problem here it’s white and this
is not chocolate white and because
Joanne has decided that we’re going
we got another dish all we’re gonna do
I’m gonna use a banana because peanut
there’s like there’s like Starsky and
Hutch and Robin because again we’re
stressing easy but we’re also trying to
get everybody to play with the gluten
free flour because I want to show them
how easy it is is that easy like that
easy with that aside the flour and
that’s it in fact I’m just gonna put the
peanut butter into this now because I
know my flub and is very boring I just
added a little bit of extract
I came prepared with a little bit of
extra that’s been electro vanilla
extract and little secret ingredients
not strong that’s gonna flavor it amazed
me yeah yeah you can mix that up yeah
that’s it because I will I will have it
all over there nice a way to do it of
course is just get your hands in no
water because all I want to be able to
see and you see the thing is and I feel
this is why the free throw myself a form
the bond I think I just like to see my
fingers in this see how easy it is get
it together and that’s it I really don’t
need liquid in there at all you know
because of liquid all right you just
wanted to come together now we’re gonna
take a little bit out of this because I
don’t want think the holes opening
together we have a tree that’s already
prepared I’m the tree is prepared with
can you tell what that is please viewers
you’ve been here many times before
that’s walks people Parchman people hi
people you got any second coat alright
last last week we used
si LPT is a Silpat very much it was that
fancy thing was once it comes together
all you gonna do
I will just keep meeting it a little bit
some whatever it is ready there isn’t
ready let’s come together but generally
it’s gonna look like that all I do is I
form a little more you take they felt
fun little more yeah yeah sure you know
after do you show no just completely
showing off today you can put it on the
tree now I’m together traditional think
of you traditional you know oh I think
what you do is but here’s what I need to
do when you do because it tends to be a
little bit sticky I did I’m gonna dip my
fork into a little bit of water that’s
it and then I’m gonna press oh that’s
what you get that little fun yeah some
play the crisscross press and again it’s
tears on my paper I don’t need to take
this awful do anything with it rule out
all the rest
mmm-hmm and then simply put this in the
oven 8 minutes 8 minutes 350 oven done
so it’s as you said that mixture there
with the floor keep mix what are we
using peanut butter in this case if you
have 10 you realize okay needs a little
bit of moisture they come together we
don’t want to over hydrate it because
then you’re gonna have a problem you
know you’re not adding any other oils or
anything else to this because if peanut
butter already once it’s a store-bought
peanut butter has everything you need
and that was it three ingredient recipe
whoa and if I wanted I could do any as I
want as you said I could put a little
bit of more chocolate some chocolate
chip some pecan someone anything I
wanted and but in this case you have
just decided that the rest will not be
able to make a nice gluten
free the gun cookie please check my
scooper free website
oh we put a link on our website Trini
cooks calm and this is as simple as it
gets I had chocolate but she didn’t put
chocolate in this room this would be
like open the law just remember you can
use any of your beautiful flower plants
that you have right if you get a
multigrain peanut butter cookie all the
it’s fine super beautiful girl in pink
this morning pretty in pink mornin level
thank you very much for being here once
again every treaty cooks Thursday my
jobs by Ishida brutalizes the TNT one
recipe at a time here’s another one for
you this morning for you to try be
coming back folks treaty cooks Thursday
on our cup of joe

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