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It’s Cooking Mama’s tasty cookies , Gingerbread Men Cookies a popular cookies
in the world which we used to make during christmas season .And it’s a fantastic snacks or treats for kids.

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Video Transcription

hi guys good morning good morning
everyone and happy weekend here’s
cooking mama again and welcome to
cooking mama gets it and two big guys
I’m gonna show you how to make where I’m
gonna share how to make ginger Maine
cookies guys it’s pretty easy and yummy
here today mostly Chinese we’re
celebrating mid-autumn festival guys
it’s all about Mon cake what is Monica
is look like moonship no it’s up to you
yes but mostly they are making different
ships of cookies cookies for a cake it’s
a small kick it’s monkey and now it’s
different because you know ready I am I
have a Christian and I’d like to share
this to my kids this gingerbread men
cookies and it’s mostly it’s like it’s
almost the same as monkey because it’s
they’re making different cookies type
type of cookies and here welcome first
marriages guys for my ginger bread men
cookies whoo gingerbread men cookies
look at these I’m using organic molasses
sugar low glycemic brown sugar fresh
ginger flour baking soda baking powder a
buttercup cinnamon powder
Harris our ingredients gainsaying of 3/4
cup of brown sugar and 3/4 cup of
molasses sugar and 3/4 cup of melted
butter and 1 Inc ginger juice cinnamon
powder salt 1/2 teaspoon of salt baking
soda and baking powder and mix it
together and I have flour and I have
this one it’s ginger bread ship cutter
all right that’s all guys it’s simple
and easy ok I have here here’s my 3/4
cup of milk butter melted butter and
molasses we’ll mix this one together 3/4
cup of molasses and brown sugar 3/4 cup
of brown sugar and salt we have our salt
spices spices we have
cinnamon border and I’m using jaws of
teacher and onus this all mix it
together mister this one together steer
the melted butter brown sugar molasses
cinnamon powder salt and our ginger I’m
using juice of ginger okay guys okay
okay now is I want to mix mine this one
is my flower my self rising flour or or
it’s up to you if you want to choose the
all-purpose flour and now I have myself
missing flour and soda baking soda
baking powder and mix it together
mix it well
mix all the dry regions now it’s ready
to preheat our oven
we’re making gingerbread men cookies
today guys and no guys
now our molasses mixture is there inside
its really molasses mixture and I will
add my egg one egg and beat it together
there’s our
Miles’s mixture
with one egg
– will be very very slow and sticky but
don’t be tempted
we’ll add more flour
it screw up once is
certainly that is no way of drawing
keep this one in the refrigerator
the secret jungle
refrigerate for
Dominus tecum heart
chilled so make sure it’s good cool
it’s done unhurt Sardu guys it’s ready
I’m going to refrigerate this one
overnight and then tomorrow we could
make a gingerbread man cookie look at
this guy’s it’s hard but make sure
tomorrow too little too soft
– guess what they’ve said then the dough
will be very soft and sticky but don’t
be tempted to add more flour it form up
once it’s chilled we’ll see what’s the
result of this one tomorrow the so guys
and now you prepare a cling wrap on your
rap listen we will rock all do and we
keep it a little bit frigid this one
geysers are due
her sour gingerbread man cookie to smell
like a smelly ginger cinnamon powder is
fantastic okay and her sour dough is
ready to refrigerate done guys look at
my gingerbread man – okay it’s time to
make a royal icing sugar first our egg
the next are icing sugar
okay here’s our icing sugar it’s done
now guys we need our spatula oh look at
this it’s perfect
icing realizing oh man it is these guys
and afterwards we will mix this one or
now we will mix this lemon juice add
some test of icing sugar like lemon
that’s my real icing sugar for my great
ginger man cookies
yummy gingerbread man
I’m using this one this
scuse me
now it’s time to decorate some ice
okay here you make this one guys
it is our firm – 8 to 10 minutes
to remove the wire rare to completely
false society
guys this one hurts like determine bread
cookies and here’s my royal icing sugar
is ready and have some decorations star
super yummy it’s like this one
perfect royal icing sugar guys with
which suited mix it with
and thanks for watching guys and don’t
forget to Like and subscribe


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