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How to make frosted pumpkin spice cookies

Ok you want or need more pumpkin spice but your bladder just cant handle anymore liquid, eh? Well we got some awesome cookies for you.

You gonna need

2 cups flour @.40
1/2 cup butter @.25
1 cup canned pumpkin @$1.00
1 cup sugar @.25
4 teaspoons baking powder @.05
1 teaspoon salt @.05
2 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon @.03
1/2 nutmeg @.03
1/4 ginger @.03
1 cup of walnuts @$1.30
1/2 teaspoon allspice @.03

4 cups Powdered sugar @.50
1/2 cup Butter @.25
8oz cream cheese block @$2.00
3 teaspoon vanilla extract @.10
1 teaspoon Cinnamon @.03


Feeds… well it feeds a fat guy twice as long as his teeth dont hurt. But it made a ton cookies.

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Video Transcription

hi everybody welcome back to thembetween paychecks kitchen I’m honestthat’s Jack and today we’re gonna dosomething we’ve been asked to do it it’sthe season man and we’re just gonna dosome pumpkin spice cookies man and it’sgonna be nice because I got this fancystuff we’re gonna put on the top like itfrosting kind of thing we’re gonna doit’s gonna be really cool Before we jumpin to be sure to like share subscribering a little bell for notifications andlet’s get into it so you need flourfirst off and your baking powder so foreasy right now pumpkin just one can evenpumpkin that’s obviously gonna be gonnaneed a couple sticks of butter like onefor the frosting and one for the cookieshere we’re going through the cookiestwo eggs some sugar and then your spicesright you’re gonna need a little bit ofsalt yeahnutmeg ginger a cinnamon I don’t do useallspice and clove in this one try tolive in the nutsert option now for thefrosting and stuff you’re gonna needlike powdered sugar and some creamcheese cream cheese that’s vanilla andvanilla and your butter that you’retalking about so you’re gonna need amixer for this one now it tells you tocream with the butter which they told usnot to what the hell how do you creambutter that’s apparently you don’t meltit we learned that yeah you take thebutter and the sugar right and you mixthose in and then you’re supposed tocream them which is to take this mixergonna be do this without a make sure youhave forums the size of a gorillaI knew I’d hear you beat the living pissout of it till it’s all nice and smoothand creamy if you know it actuallystarts to work yeah well we were toldthat no you’re supposed to leave thestick solid yeah I don’t know how thatworks so you go ahead and after you thatcreamed up go ahead and put your eggs inand then add your pumpkin you do thewhole campdon’t lose your battle and smarter thana can opener which I fail daily get thatyou just put the whole thing in thereyeah and I wasn’t worried it was gonnamake it over the top pumpkin flavor butI actually turned out really nice ordoes just have a little bit of it so youneed to start blending the stuff they’rerightget it nice and smooth and we’ve alreadyseparated our flour baking powder andspices of the side we’re getting thefull recipe down in the doobly-doo youfind it down there we’re sifting it inyou just put it in a little bit of timeyou gonna throw the whole thing in thereor you just kind of clumps up throughthe milk giant wad Punk you stuck itreally hard well it does slowly gottahave a mixer your your forbs just gonnabe guerrilla size that’s gonna be spookylook at ya I can’t imagine doing thisyesterday it’s not gonna happenyou keep blending as in they mean keepgoing until he gets that same color allthe way around use a spoon kind ofscrape the sides if you get littlerubber especially doo-dads makes itworthwhile just to have that where itscrapes it all down and then once youget that stuff you’re right mixed up goahead and just use a spoon I used to Ikind of cheated and I put all of thatbecause I just don’t trust it don’ttrust that it’s Nick so and just take aspoon and make little pumpkin splatsacross this now this means so much wehad to do to keep she’s made a lot itcould yes like way more and I thought wewere gonna end up with we don’t knowwhat to do with them all we have so manycookies all right blending you know likeI said yeah and yeah spicy stuff inthere we made two of these you put it infor 350 for 15 minutes now while you’redoing that you’re gonna try this nowsince we were told if you’re notsupposed to melt this stuff we put ourcream cheese you eventually yeaheventually there we go and the buttersee this doesn’t look rightI can already tell something is off andthen three three teaspoons two spoons ofthat Allah and then we took the mixernow I don’t trust it and I’m terrifiedI’m laughing too hard to try to keepthis down when I was doing this like soI’m scared it’s gonna get me so jump outyeah it doesn’t live in crap ateverything they put her shut all overthe placehow how do you free ended up I groundthe the butter with the mixer into thecircular part eventually it startedworking but I think the melting thingsworks much betterI believe it’s supposed to be roomtemperature butter we keep using thatplastic spatula scrape itwith all this idiot it’s really greatoh no let’s start sifting in yourpowdered sugar for cuz like three and ahalf that is a lot of sugar adding themagain you’re sitting in just a littlebit at a time and keep lemme it lookslike a little bit starts getting intothat actually looks like yeah yeah addyour cinnamon to it right here and thenwe got a brainstormsince the cookies were going to be soimportant we wanted to try to make itlike a purple color so I added a bunchof blue and red and with Kevincorrecting it with red cuz it just wentover the top blue and turned into thispale purple which looks really cool inthe video and the pictures that came outgreatwhich yeah every Halloween style it’salright let’s get it so you can leave itas the way stuff is behind quit playingsaid I tried to play with it a littlebit and I was like yeah okay so let’sadd some more red you can do snusstraight red or whatever is depends onthe trendy spooky Halloween this ladystarts to change a little bit and I juststop and add more red yeah completelyoptional not mandatory at all coloringand it sort of even like blue streaks asI’ll clean off the sides so I ended upleaving that in there so you can see itwith your eyes with me after 15 minuteshe’s come out but these are not hardthey come off is like a cake cookie andthen you’re supposed to just just use aspoon and frost these now all thepictures I saw it was just kind ofwadded up in huge on top of it like acupcake kinda thing yeah and it tastesoutstanding in this street cream-cheesefrosting is what you just made and it’sreally good but man is it sweet it’s alot of sugar it’s time consuming to doall these but like I said they’re notperfect they’re not round but they lookokay but they taste outstanding so hejust Isis as many of these as you canany done and this is super cheap thiscost like next to nothing and we addedsome candy corn to make it look likeagain they’re saying great stuff and Ithink this cost is like maybe six sevenbucks at the most and made like you knowit major dozen cookielike now we had to do this ourselves cuzwe had a friend of ours who’s supposedto come to it but she’s too sick to doit so we’re gonna give a shout-out toour friends this year as we got such ahard time about the last time we put herpicture in here and there you have itsuper cheap super easy ways of doingcookies they don’t look the greatestthey don’t look like they’restore-bought so if you take it to apotluck or something you’ll be the envybecause you made it awesome let itsuffice optional like we went throughwe’ll get back through that but try itif you try something different be sureto put down in the comments or how youdo it differently maybe we’ll look backon it try that again be sure to LIKEshare and subscribe all the internetstuff be sure to do that you can alsocatch us here YouTube Tuesday’s ofpractice you can catch us all week butwe upload Tuesdays and Fridays you canfind us on Instagram but living betweenFacebook and Lynn between paycheckskitchen Pinterest and living betweenpaychecks kitchen and patreon as well ifyou want to help us out there very muchpreten thank you very much we’ll see younext time

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