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How to make delicious cookies✨🎄/Paso a paso.

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Video Transcription

[Music][Music][Music]for the decoration we will need 300grams of white right Roy let’s go[Music]first we will put the burger on thetable and then the sugar glass now addthe milk me[Music]we were in the mixsimpler and the baking powder and thenadd in the meats we will beat the mixerwho didn’t have a universal position nowduring the doubt forfor the recreation our white blood sugarand a lemon[Music]to reiterate with no we take our moldsand we will cook them we take thecookies and play day on the train afterwe preheat the oven for 180 degrees bakethe cookies for 50 minutes[Music]finally we will decorate our cookieswe finished our delicious cookies that’sall for this video and I hope you likedit thanks for watching[Applause][Music][Music]they were baking after we preheat theoven for 150 minutes[Music][Applause][Music]

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