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How to Make Cute & Easy Frankenstein Cookies

Here are step-by-step directions (BELOW) to make these cute Frankenstein Cookies direct from my friend Kelli the cookie queen. Get a printable version and links to all the recipes here:

(Pamela’s Products provided materials for the filming of this video)
Kelli literally taught me how to make these, on camera, when we filmed this video.

Here’s what you need:

Square (2 or 2 1/2 inch) Sugar Cookies
1 batch of Royal Icing
Green + Black Food Coloring: (gel color works best)
Tipless Icing Bags
Scribe tool (or a cheese pick or toothpicks)

To decorate you Frankenstein Cookies:

Place 2 TBSP of plain white royal icing in a sealed container. You’ll need it later for eyes and decoration.

Dye half of your remaining icing black, and the other half Frankenstein green. Load a tipless bag with each color. Cover the remaining icing so it doesn’t harden.

Place a cookie on a flat work surface. Snip the very end of each tipless bag, so they make a very fine line of icing.

Outline your monster’s hair: using black icing, make a straight line across the top of the cookie, them a jagged line abo

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