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Video Transcription

but I guess that hanging on a hillock
what I only do it for is if an
appointment big you know me
let’s whenever nothing I do in my from
Europe is no us with our mind dying
animal not in you prepare nothing but
cutting I must do me so do I need
another let’s go sure I am gamma from
University investment income and next to
Doug mean appetite but superclass PPE or
personal protected not a draw so if I
mean a nothing I did with a pen – a pen
ingredients and to Nogami the satisfied
be solvent need another let’s go
so normally we have here all purpose
flour 200 grams brown sugar 150 grams it
sugar 120 grams 5 grams of baking powder
when I’m at an ml 2 eggs 10 grams of
salt and butter 240 grams and we have
also so enough noting that in the batter
and soap opera and then developing
batter in earthen
a few moments later
and unless nothing gagawin die in haha
loan on a shoe guard that’s funny
so you first no sugar lean on again I
think white shoe
so next time I Danica is you
adding brown shoes I am after not in my
mix you brown sugar white sugar and our
butter yes Maggie time
a few moments later sure so in our
genome and Anatomy adding races and
chopped chocolate I love place
and me
yeah so depending on nothing having
authority Turkish xishi and did not even
add a room up in mix choice having
cookies he did Griezmann pastry
brush parallel happened so naughty
so you’re not even having shots in 20
somebody might happen let’s go
if you moments later
so phenomena Tina adding to ps3 on
so that’s it for today’s video montage
and that’s it for today’s video Mahamaya
I hope never saw any joy to baking
session and also don’t forget to like
subscribe and hit the notification bell
that updated get some of our videos
I assume a looser mcvish are thought
socking next video comment down below
thank you for watching my um yeah I’ll
see you in the next video

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