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How to Make Cookies (My Speech for Middle school 2020)

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Video Transcription

hi I’m Kyle and today I’m going to showyou how to make chocolate chip cookiesso the ingredients that you’ll need isone cup of unsalted butter the fourthscups of sugar 3/4 cups of brown sugar 2teaspoons of vanilla 1 egg 2 and 1/4cups of all-purpose flour 1 teaspoon ofbaking soda and 1 and 1/2 teaspoon 1/2teaspoon of salt then 12 ounces of darkchocolate chunks okay so first you haveto cream the butter using the paddleattachment on the standard KitchenAidmixer cream so we’re going to set it onslow at firstlike that two or four gonna let it creamfor a little bit[Applause]go okay I finally stopped itsay about that sometimes it might bounceforward all you have to do is keepturning it to zero until it’s finishedso when it’s finished creaming it shouldlook a little bit like thisand something left here mix her up andscrape down the sides so that all of itis near at the bottom remember to neverstick anything in the mix or Bowl whenit’s running so once that’s finished wehave to add the sugars[Music]wait so now we’re gonna scrape besidesjust like we did with the butter so thatthere’s none on the sides and it’s allat the bottom and if you have some stuckon some tool that you’re using you canwipe it on the mixer and then get someof it off into the bottom and you haveto keep mixing it until it’s fluffy soyou’re gonna let it mix until it getsfluffy so you can set it to a prettyhigh pace like eight nine you can can ifyou want to go faster and then when itstarts to get fluffy you can reduce thespeed a bit and add the eggsnow I’m gonna turn it down to about fourbecause we’re about to add eggsonce the egg and the flowers get mixedtogether pretty wellyou’re gonna scrape the sides againuntil it all goes into the middle andremember to get some off of the mixerhave as much as possible in okay soafter you scrape the sides again oneafter it’s mixedyou’re gonna set it to lowest settingthat you could possibly do which is oneor two if you could figure out where oneis you’re gonna add the vanilla reallyslow because if you do it fast thenvanilla will splash up and you don’twant that to happen because you need allthe but now possible to take the cookiesand set it to twolike well they add the vanilla as it’smissingso again we’re gonna lift up the mixerget some from the paddle attachment intothe bowl and there’s a lot of scrapingat home so again you have to scrape thesides get it all into the middle whatyou should have right now looks likeshould look like this like fluffy likekind of like peanut butter if you thinkit looks like that so now we’re gonnaput it down we’re gonna slowly add allof the vanilla if you want to add it anddifferent like at different times youcan but what we’re gonna do today iswe’re just gonna put it all in butslowlyso now we’re gonna lower the mixer andwe’re not gonna set it all the way up tohigh or just leave it mixing you have todo it that’s where you don’t want to dieso we’re just gonna go like thisthat’s it you don’t want to mix it toohigh because if you do this weapon afteryou scrape again the sides of the floweryou’re gonna add the chocolate now sojust add them in slowly like you didwith the flower all at one time there’sno reason to add them at different timesso now you can put the mixer now andwhat we’re gonna do for the chocolate iswe’re gonna lock it using this littleswitch here so that the chocolatedoesn’t push up the mixer and just likethe flower we’re just going to shortlittle burstsit should be starting to look like whatyou imagined when you think thosechocolate chip cookies okay so now sowhen’s its finished with the cookiedough get the bowl off you just do itlike thisand with the magic of video editingeverything is cleaned up so you’re readyto put it into the bowl so when you putit into the bowl you might have toscrape the sides a little bit to get allthe cookie dough that you can are openbecause the more cookie dough you usethe more cookies you’ll actually be ableto make now once it’s in the bowl shouldbe ready to put it in the fridge and letit sit in there so when you’re finishedwith the cookie dough and you just haveto let it sit in there overnight thenthe next day or after the amount of timeand a night has passed this will bereadysorry about that so that’s how you makethe cookie dough for the cookies andwe’ll be back tomorrow show you thefinished result

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