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How to make Cookies and Cream Popsicles || may or may not have egg nog🎄

Thanks to PurpleTacos and OrangeBurrito 🙂

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Merry Christmas 🙂

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

[Music]hi it’s purple tacos aquick tutorial on how to make somedelicious ice cream popsicles firstcookies you do not allow my techniqueokay all right so you need to crushthese cookies up because obviously youdon’t want whole cookies so what we’regonna do so we’re gonna use our littlewhale friend to mash up these cookiesif all fails use the baby ones Oh babysecond I help with anything all right sonow it’s all mashed up now you gotta goget your prop school thingall right so we have our popsicleholders here these are really cheap youcan literally get these over like Idon’t know how depends on where you liveI guess you could if you live near aWalmart I guess you could probably findsomething like this there they’re reallycheap alright and just quick note um youdon’t mash your cookies up to finebecause then it won’t really work theywant to have really one texture yeah wealso have some milkwhere were you using is this lactosefree milk which has flavor that’s whywe’re using it you can choose anythingyou want but this one let me know youcan use normal milk but it’s nicer ifyou use this cuz it’s creamier yeah it’smore like ice cream yeah alright so whatwe’re gonna do first is we’re going totake all the sticks fridge I’m going tomake two because we only have enoughcookies for two what you’re gonna do isyou’re gonna take your cookies andyou’re gonna open them up if you canif you have many cookies you can justadd or if you’re just making onepopsicle then just put them all and Iguess that’s a round amount you shouldneed for one popsicle actually a littlebit more but we don’t have enoughcookies for the actual amount so allright and then what you’re gonna do isjust make sure it fit source it’s[Music]alright just take it out and slowlycarefully don’t spill it on the tableyes you’re going to pour in the milkumm don’t fill it up all the way becausethat will be quite issue it willoverflow but don’t fill it too littlebecause then it one more okay it mightgo a little bit up just that’s okay aslong as you’re not making it in abedroomalright and you’re gonna pour the otherone too obviously um so we’re just gonnaput this other one here just guys nowyou got to go refrigerate this so yougot to freeze it in your freezer umobviously what else for about threehours maybe more depends on how hard youwant it to be if you wanted to becreaming like an ice-cream add Irecommend three hours if you want it tobe kind of hard or stiff you can freezea little longer don’t you want to benice and melty don’t freeze it upguys I got my camera for you hello forthe slap stop stop oh they’re donethey’re frozenhey I got something so this is going tobe orange burritosno how many no that’s yours if it’s toofrozen take out all those sides in heyI’m gonna freeze mine for the loggerheadthey’re not strong enoughyeah don’t talk do what we did it’s amistake[Music]

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