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Video Transcription

hey guys it’s Christina you guys welcomeback to Christina the dancer and you’regoing to baking some cookiesso first oil trap it on and I just haveto take there are 12 of them I think andI’m just gonna be taking them apart andspreading them all over on the pan solet’s go it’s like spread them out theyget really bighere in the kitchen and the cookies aregoing to throw up and eat the wholethingI hope that’s on camera diarrhea it’sweirddiarrhea that’s what you can get butwhat does the cookie like is the cookie[Music][Laughter]let’s hash to get these they get biggerlike lab they get that big I tookanother bite I’m done I want to do itthis is how to make cookiesthe cookies and then my Instagram andthen yeah and make sure you hit thenotification Mel and give it a thumbs upand always subscribe and you see that asecond timeand they take operator come down belowhere coming up well if you can read thisone yeah she knows so I commend Foggtake a long time so they’re gonna get agiant so peace out and reasonPhilippians Instagram and TED talkso then have a great life so bye peaceout up out down

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