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this is how you make amazing cookies…

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Video Transcription

so guys today we’re gonna be making somecookies you scoop the cookie dough okayplease don’t do that while you’re makingall right so first you are you get agallopping down you get a bigger go upthen add it through the smaller up ohokay then you mash it together then youget a bigger go up and then mash ittogether again keep on doing thatalright and if you want to make it smalland here’s the little small why do youwant to eat up in here why are youtalking off for 9 chapter 2wait there’s 8 chapters now he’s leavingall the Chrome’s how to make cookies 100jar is thatbut you’re back to committee thank youthese cards these cookies look amazingoh wait that’s too high they can see myface and you keep on getting more andmore scoops wait stop no I’m a goodcookie maker you’re not oh this is justtoo good so mean

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