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How To Make Christmas Cranberry and White Chocolate Cookies – Recipe

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These cookies perfectly match the sourness of cranberries with the sweetness of chocolate, plus the red and white make a nice Christmas cookie.

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Video Transcription

in the oven beside me right now isanother batch of these fantastic littlecookies coming out these are Christmascranberry and white chocolate oatmealcookies I mean there’s Christmas colorsyou got the white chocolate and thereyou got the red from the cranberries andthe taste mmm very nice ho ho ho MerryChristmasall right get yourself some of theselet’s get in the kitchen and make someright now[Music]hi to make our Christmas cranberry andwhite chocolate oatmeal cookies here arethe ingredients now what I’ve got hereis the white chocolate that is sixounces or 170 grams of white chocolatebroke it into pieces about aquarter-inch or five six millimeters insize don’t have to be exact but tryingto keep them as small as possible likethat over here I’ve got one cup of driedcranberries or again it’s about sixounces or 170 grams and you’re buying itin a bag here I’ve got 3/4 of a cup ofrolled oats this is I’ve never used theinstant just as regular rolled oats overhere I’ve got 1 cup of flour I’ve got3/4 of a cup of my favorite cane sugarbut any sugar will do half a cup ofbutter and that is a cool butter it’snot at room temperature it’s cold so wewant to cream it I’ve got one egg I’vegot 1/2 teaspoon of salt 1/2 teaspoon ofbaking powder and 1/2 teaspoon ofvanilla and then just to add that extraa little kick1 tablespoon of fish or Kirschwasserdepending on where you’re buying it withthe name for it is it’s a it comes fromSwitzerland but also from Austria and Ibelieve they also make it in Germanyit’s made from cherries it’s a clearlycure and it just gives that extra kickto now you don’t have to use this ifyou’re not going to use that in there Iwould say cut back about a tablespoon onthe flour and you can get about the samecookie just without the alcoholic kickall right so let’s start putting thisall together first thing you want to dowe’ll take that flour and we want to mixthe baking powder into there so takethat and I’m just going to use for kidsto just kind of distribute it throughoutthe flour all right and then we just setthat aside all right so that’s doneflour could be suicide next I’ve got thelarge bowl here put the butter in therewe got cream that butter so my favoritewooden spoon and then just use a bit ofelbow greaseSkoosh that butter down now this butterdoesn’t have to be like freezing coldbutyou don’t want where it’s soft either soI usually keep it in a cold room andthen that’s just the perfect temperatureso just kind of smearing that out seethere I’m just smearing that across andnow what I’m gonna dolet’s get these things out of the wayfor right now it’s gonna mix it in thatsugar so I like cream the sugar into thebutter again just using a bit of elbowgrease what this does is it tears holesin the butter which gives extra aerationto your cookies so it’s quite animportant step action that’s why youdon’t want melted butter and of that[Music]that’s taking about a minute and alittle bit of elbow grease but what wehave now is the sugar has been creamedinto the butter and we are ready for thenext step which is we’re gonna add inthat egg add in the vanilla the salt andmmm that cure there we goI love Kish but it’s something you don’twant to drink too often it is reallypowerful stuff I one time drank too muchof it in Switzerland having it everynight long as visiting there andactually burnt my esophagus so becareful with it drinking it great inbaking though alright now what I do is Iwould take the mixer and mix this forabout two minutes or so just I want toget this nicely combined and smooth allrightall right that’s been about two minutesyou can see it’s quite nice and smoothin there I’m just gonna zap somethingout off thereokay salt now get that all nice andsmooth we’re gonna do now is that flourand baking powder mix is gonna go inhere and on my of my front here tooall right all right now just mix that inwhy you still do usually just kind ofgive that cutting motion to go throughhere and get that flour mixed in allright now you can see all the flour isbeen absorbed into the butter and etcmix so now what I do is I want to addthe oatmeal I want to add thecranberries and the white chocolate andthis is going to take a little bit ofwork you’re gonna mix and mix you misusea cutting motion just to get it allmixed in and you want it to getincorporated into that cookie batter getback in hereso what you want it to do is you want tokeep mixing until you don’t see anypieces of cranberry or chocolate justfloating around loose this should all bepulled into the batter so this takes alittle bit of you getting bit of elbowgrease a little bit of cutting motionand you can get this done[Music]all right that’s all looking good that’snicely incorporated in there just cleanoff that leftovers here and now we’reready to form the cookies so what I’vegot over here is I have a baking traywith the paper kitchen paper on there abaking paper I actually wrote a shot avideo about this so really this is whatI’ve been using a lot check out thevideo it’s on the patreon feed that ovenhas just come ready that is beenpreheating at 350 degrees Fahrenheit or180 degrees Celsius and these are yougoing there for about 10 11 minutes allright let’s start making the cookieswhat I like to use for the cookies isI’ve been using later it’s this littleice cream scoop that I got my hands onit’s fantastic how you can just do thiswith a spoon but with the ice creamscoop you just kind of plop a littleball on there and let’s do another onehere those so actually just about alittle bit big for these cookies maybeyeah yeah not bad sometimes I make thesecookies a little smaller and especiallyI’ll go hiking the big cookies breakapart too much so we’re a little smallerbut these are breath aren’t bad at allso let’s do that here these are notgoing hiking with me all right[Music]all right now that I’ve got him on theseat here and he’s are a little bit bigbut let’s just play with him squish himdown a bit I just go down a bit with afork kind of get a nice shape to themthey’re gonna hold your shape prettygood they will flatten out just a littlebit but not muchso came down about half an inch lookedyou know 12 millimeters all right sothat’s the first batch is gonna go inthe oven right now for about 10 to 11minutes I’m gonna check it a ten-milebut it goes a little bit hotter what doI look for is I want to see a little bitof just starting to get golden brownaround the edges and usually you’ll seelittle pores little pores and dry poresI like staying open in the batter itselfso let’s get these in the oven have alook at when they come outall right so here’s our first batch ofChristmas cranberry and white chocolateoatmeal cookies they just come out ofthe oven they’ve been in there for aboutten minutes now as you can see a littlebit of golden happening around the edgesthat’s absolutely perfectand if we look on the top we see thatthere’s little pores in some placeslittle pores the pores are dry it meansthat they haven’t closed back in againso that’s perfect these cookies areready to go I’m gonna let them sit hereon this on the tray for Ike about twominutes just cool down a little bitbecause right now they’re too soft tomove and then move them to cooling racksbut let’s sit for about two minutesotherwise you’re just gonna crumble anyone you’re gonna pick them up all rightso enjoy these Christmas cranberry andwhite chocolate oatmeal cookies they aredelicious now if you go to linkappearing on the screen and alsoclickable in this video’s descriptionyou can download and print out thisrecipe from the dessert recipes bookleton kumis kitchen’s patreon page justclick the feature tag called recipes nowgo pre on the recipe and enjoy Christmascranberry and white chocolate oatmealcookies and make cooking fun again withKuma’s kitchen[Music]

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