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How to make Christmas cookies

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Video Transcription

what’s up guys today I will be showingyou how to do them biscuits over theChristmas I know it’s not Christmasanymore but still I’m gonna show you howto do Christmas cookies okay so thiswill be very just case you know so yeahhope you like it it makes very very muchjust sense yeah the heck was that firstyou wanna get a craft phone yes acracked phone yepthat says Nani okay and I have to seeNani because it gives it the googlytaste then you wanna put this right yourhonor toast with me if you don’t have acouch then just put it on the groundI’ll put on then I don’t know what stepyou have to step on it like this stepwith your other foot look at that thenwith your knee you want to do the samething then or take what is your stuffedanimals like this guy you put it on itmake that step punch it do some stuffyeah yeah you want to get this thinglike it’s the chocolate chocolate thingcaramel anything like that you missSharpie then wanna take this off and nowthe phone is roasted yeah it’s roastingso then you this you open it how thenyou want to take a bite out of it thenyou’re gonna notice that is so goodthen you want to put there 94 now I haveto wait until it’s nighttime okay guysit’s nighttime I have waited for likeseven yeah this is seven seven hours andyeah now all you want to do is take itback and then finish it what did you eatit anyway you want you didn’t look likeyour phone it’s my hair wash it flip itover take your pill smash other pillowsmash and then guys final part you wannado we so you have to do that well you’vegotta do it right here on the table sowanna openthere’s what I take some time does thatkeep on happening okay well anyway um Ijust writing it open then you’ll haveyour cookies okay you guys you’re notallowed to eat them no more about how tobake stuff or make stuff or poops upyeah you just go to me brolook I know everything I know everythinghow to make cookies that look like pooyeah I also know how to make cookiesthat look like lions I also know how tomake birds babysubscribe

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