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How to make Christmas cookies~

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Video Transcription

[Music]today we’re going to test that a brandnew recipe that we tried and you knowwhat it’s really easy to do so why don’twe go in the kitchen and show ourfollowers have to bake Christmas sugarcookies yay and just a woman tinkinlooking against reality see yeah yeahtoday our ingredients are very simplelet me go over them so we have about twocups of cold butter so this is a butterwe’re using one stick is about half acup so we’re using two sticks and thenwe have about two cups of white sugaryou want to just use white granulatedsugar like this back at homemm-hmm and we have over here twotablespoons of half-and-half it’s notmilk it’s a what the half and half youwould put and coffee or for baking and Ilike to use organic okay and we have oneteaspoon of vanilla extract sounds howteach you we also need some eggs we haveabout three medium-sized large to mediumsized eggsand we have about four cups ofall-purpose white flour man fun and wehave about three teaspoons of bakingpowder baking soda brand that I like touse baking powder mm-hmm and last butnot least we need some salt and this isabout one teaspoonyeah I’ve suckedwe just went over all the ingredients sonow let’s start mixing away theingredients candidly I first like tostart with creaming the butter now thebutter that we install in theingredients we left it out for roomtemperature maybe like an hour kind ofget it softened but we don’t want it tobe warm or too cold so like when youpress the butter it kind of has to pressin but not all the way that’s when it’sperfect so I cut it up so it’s a littlebit easier to cream the butter is inwe’re going to gently soft in it I liketo start at a lower speed so it doesn’tgo crazy everywhere but please see we’rejust gently enough and my friends if youguys don’t have an electric mixer it’sokay you could use a fork or a whisk butit’s just gonna be a lot of it’s goingto be a workout so I do want to justgently just cream it I don’t want to goall the way and now I’m going to add mysugar it’s really important that we um Ido have a many 1/2 poundswhen it’s little pebbles like this day Iwant to add a little bit morethey’re almost done mixing the butterand the sugar like this we’re going toadd two eggs with one by one so wealready talked the eggs the one andcream it and then two and then three sowhen you put the eggs in you know thethe batch is gone really like darkyellow we want to cream it so it until Iturn it until pale yellow again so nowyou can see the colors not so yellowanymore it’s a little bit more pale andI’m going to add a little bit of ourvanilla extractand this is a half-and-half and this isa happen house that we just put in onceit’s all mixed up we wanted to set itaside for a real quick bit and we wantto mix in our dry ingredients so this isour flour our salt you know before Iused to like sift it I know it’s notreally necessary and then this is abaking powder mmm since I’m moving okaywell maybe you could just give it alittle stir just like that and we’reready to mix with our wet ingredients sowhat is – I don’t like to put all doeverything all at once you can but Ithink it’s just easier to mix just alittle at a timeno and then I just put like maybe halfin since I you fancy yeah and be carefulbecause if you do too hard like to gofast and it’ll just fly up do you wannajust go yeahjust mix it in then now I think we’rewhen it gets a little bit wet then we’regonna add some more in the rest and dataand again start gentle[Applause]and I start to get really hard to useand that’s when we use the woodenspatula or our batches all incorporatedif you see it’s really sticky right nowbut then we’re gonna just put it in therefrigerator a little bit and it’llharden up and it’ll be much easier towork with I’m just going to scrape theside and make it into a little ball okaynow we’re gonna put this in therefrigerator I found that they found methe only good so now that we have it intwo little round balls like a 10-15minutes oh yeah my sister my son Tanikaso subtlesome people like to use flour to use asa dusting but I actually like to use thepowdered sugar because if you use toomuch of flourit’ll get onto your batter and it’s acookie so it’s not sticky and if youdon’t have powdered sugar it’s okay youcan use flour some of the peopleactually also use cornstarch ah – didJohn a poignant though it’s still a bitwet so we want to kind of dust it offwith the sugar powder and then you wantto make sure your hands are dry and alsoour rolling pin this is a rolling pin Iused to make dumplings just want to showyou notice that it’s really sticky and Iwas sticking onto my surface this is alittle bit too sticky for us so we areoff you’re going to add a little bit offlour mmm that’s ambiences okay see youdon’t want that happening so you kind ofhave to eyeball it too because everyrecipe is different but make sure westill want to stop because if you gettoo much flour but it might get thecookie too hard it’s been laid out andif you can see it’s only about like 2centimeters hmm before the fun beginsyou could let your kids choose whichevercutout feedback we’re gonna use thisChristmas shoe right here just like that[Music]you gotta kind of work quickly becausedepending on where you’re at in thetemperature of your home if it gets toohot then it’s going to get sticky we’regonna bake it for about five minutes soit transition color temperature totallike nine minutes yeahcan’t a color should be on good sidekinda become fluffy getting fluffy[Music]don’t have to turn oh we all find me andyou’ll find a phone soon okay so thecookies are ready oh they’re so fat notbefore the edges start to get like brownyou see how it’s a little bit Brown Oh[Music][Music]trying rap just a homey and flawed theniggajumping room together DP de so the wholeminutes if you will be that high so youticket to shoot when it’s out free thenwhy don’t you cut up our you now whatyou see Jonathan don’t y’all enjoyeveryone is out unit over I don’t cookieno okay – I will – join time depends onthe doping can attend you we have ourcookies baking and we want to get thefrosting kind of laughter so we haveabout one and a half cup of powderedsugar and then we have about 1/8 cup ofhalf-and-halfit’s gonna come like it easyum separate them so we get somedifferent colored frosting for the kidsto do it you make it so even so Iusually like to use a gel form of theit’s the holidays like oh that’s redyellow oh yeah I found the cap so theseare the colors that we’re going to workwith gives a Christmas Eve red so you ohmy gosh I lose it I do know that I canpull up some for a cookie and then dieagain what do you guys have to do todayvictory cookies yeah do you guys want totell everybody Merry Christmas MerryChristmasso we’re teaching the kids how to do thedecoration going to be our tree we justcolor it in[Music]I saw logic going your sense I bro[Music]

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  4. Cool cookies! Who else thinks that because it’s black it’s gonna taste like Licorice? I’m sure it’s not… it just make me think it’s going to taste like Licorice.

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