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How To Make Chocolate Chunk-Potato Chip Cookies By Grant Melton

With the addition of crushed potato chips + mixed party nuts, these chocolate chip cookies are a real touchdown.

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Video Transcription

Cookie man’s making some cookies over here.I have some sugar down in the bowl.Little bit of brown sugar.Light brown sugar.
Both.And white sugar.
Yeah.Little bit of vanilla.
Vanilla.An egg.(mixer whirring)And then we just mix up our dry ingredients.So I have some flour here, little bit of baking soda,little bit of baking powder.Salt.Yep, even though we’re doing chips,I like to add a little bit of salt.’Cause we are salty people.Yes, we are.All right, so this goes in, all of our dry ingredients.And we marry that all together.And then not only are we gonna add potato chips to this one.This is gonna bend your head.Yeah, I started to think about all of those other thingsyou might have laying around the house,if you’re hosting any sort of partyor if you’re watching football, anything like that.Just give it to them,they’re waiting, they’re waiting, just tell them.A bunch of salted cocktail nuts.So we have some salted peanuts, some cashews, you know.That goes in there.Salty nuts!Chocolates!Are you kidding me?And potato chips!Potato chips.(audience applauding)All of that goes in,and we’re not done yet, people.Once you scoop them out,they look nice and beautiful like this.Now typically I like to salt the topof my chocolate chip cookies,but instead of using salt,we’re gonna do more potato chips on top.Oh yeah we are.Look at that.Sprinkle them right on top.We’re gonna top them little suckers,with some more salty fried potatoes.You could use salt if you wanted to,or you could use potato chips.(laughing)Then once they’re baked, here they are.They look just like this.(audience applauding)Grant, should we take them to them?I think so.A potato chip crust for the bottom of the brownies.(food processor swirling)And here we have four cups of potato chips.I used crinkle chips here’cause they stay nice and crispyand we added in some butter.Crinkles chips, butter, and sugar.And sugar, all of it.(food processor swirling)So then once it turns into a nice crust like this,when you do it at home,you won’t have big chunks of brown sugar like this,so we’re just gonna get rid of that.(laughing)Just pour that right down in there.Gotcha.All of it?Yeah, all of it.And then I like to use a measuring cup like this.I’ll let you do this,to kind of make a nice level.(audience laughing)Yeah, you could do it like that too.That works, whatever works.And then you just smash it down in there.And, you know, luckily,we have one back here that’s already done.(laughing)’Cause you wanna bake it for a little bit.For like ten minutes, it gets nice and crispy crunchy.Oh, it’s supposed to look like that.Yeah.
There you go.Looks like that.So then down here we’re gonna mix upour wet ingredients for the brownies.And we’re gonna pour the wet ingredientsright on top of that crust.So that was some butter.Can I whisk?Yeah you can whisk, some butter.It’s better if you keep me moving like a small child.(audience laughing)Some sugar and three eggs.That’s the wet for our brownies.And this is a little bit simplerof a brownie recipe than other onesthat I’ve made on this show before’cause we’re not melting any chocolateor anything like that.This is all cocoa powder,so you don’t have to get out your chocolateor anything like that.I like to give it a sift before I put it into the bowlbecause cocoa powder has a tendency to get–So cocoa powder and flour.Yeah.And salt, Grant?And salt, yep.And instead of sifting it into the bowl,because it gets kinda hardbecause you only have this tiny little surface in the bowl.No this is really smart.
Yeah.Really smart.I like to do it over a big piece of parchment like this.And then you can just pick it up.Then once it’s sifted.
Right.You can go like this.Wee!And it goes right in.(audience applauding)And now we just pour our–This into this.This into this.There you go, hit it with a spat.Little spatula, move it around.And it comes togetherin just about a minute or two.And like I said, since this is all cocoa powderrecipe and there’s no chocolate in it,not only is it a little bit easier to make,you don’t have to make a double boileror anything like that.Right, this is so much easier,you could just throw it in a bowl and mix it together.And you just mix it up.And this is a little bit of a hack herebut you could just use brownie mix if you wanted to.(audience laughing)You know?This is better.And thanks for watching the recipe, America.But if you wanted to, you definitely could,if you wanna speed things up.Or you could follow the recipethat we just delightfully shared with you.Yeah, so then you spread it out,you let ’em bake and then once they’re nice and cool–Okay, he totally skipped over this.The brilliant part is that you line the panwith a little parchmentso you can easily pick it in and out of the pan.And when you do put this in it is important, right, Grant?Yeah.To very carefully, because the bottom is delicate,spread it.Yeah.Spread it out so it touches all the corners.I also like to take a binder clipand you can clip the paper down right here.I don’t do that anymore because now that I don’t work hereI don’t have access to free binder clips.(audience laughing)So, but if I…If you have them.Imagine binder clips if we could afford them.(audience laughing)All right, cool, so that is our potato chip crust brownie.Nice and crispy on the top, crispy and salty on the bottom.(audience applauding)

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