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I hope you guys give this simple and delicious chocolate chip cookies a try, it’s perfect for these cold winter days, and perfect for any type of holiday 🙂

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INGREDIENTS: ( Serving 24-26 cookies)
1/2 cup of unsalted butter or (1 stick) Softened
3/4 cup of brown sugar packed
1 tsp of vanilla extract
1 egg (room temperature)
1 3.4oz box instant vanilla pudding mix
1/2 tsp of salt
1/2 tsp of baking soda
1 1/4 cup of all purpose flour
1 1/2 cup of milk chocolate chips
1/2 bar of semi-sweet chocolate (chopped)
~ Size of cookie balls, 1 1/2 tbsp – 2 tbsp (depends on size you want )
~Preheat Oven 350F
~Bake 10 -12 mins

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Video Transcription

hey guys welcome back to let’s cook ifyou’re new to trying out go ahead andhit that subscribe buttonturn on your little notification aboutso you could get notified every time weupload a new video and you become partof our family where this kitchen isseasoned with love so today we’re gonnado one of our family’s favoritechocolate chip cookies okay it’s gonnabe some soft and chewy chocolate chipokay I’ll show you them the recipe in aminute the ingredients as well rememberthat all the ingredients andmeasurements are always on thedescription box which is rightunderneath this video there’s like alittle arrow I put on yourself for thislittle arrow click on it it expands itgives you everything if you aren’t onyour desktop it automatically shows youokay so why don’t we get started withthose ingredients so we will be usingsome all-purpose flour some brown sugaregg vanilla unsalted butter make sureit’s at room temperature you guys andthen I have some salt some baking sodachocolate chip and then I do have thischocolate which will be used it’s a barwe’ll be using it to put chunks ofchocolate to our cookies and of courseto make it soft we’ll be using thevanilla jello puddinginstant pudding okay you guys just thepowder you’re not gonna make yourpudding we will just use the dry powderinto our cookie dough okay so for thisrecipe our chocolate chips are the milkchocolate in the bar it’s gonna be thesemi-sweet okay when you mix both ofthem together they taste really good sowell we’re gonna go ahead and do is getour bar which they already opened it andstarted eating some you never havechocolate in the house because they lovetruffle you guys we’re gonna do it it’sgo ahead and chop it with your knifeinto little piecesdoesn’t have to be perfect they’re gonnamelt anyways you just want those littlesquare pieces of chocolate okay we’regonna do is pour our flour into astrainer just so it can make your floura little bit more smooth you know make acookie be more fluffy let’s put the saltyou don’t actually have to do this betyou could just pour your flour and startworking with it but I always love to dothis step okay so once your flower isready we’re going to go ahead and finisha site and it’s go ahead and get anotherpoll your butter make sure it’s at roomtemperature I have been having an alphaat least an hour and a halfbut since it’s so cold out here I don’tthink it’s at room temperature yet whatkind of historical head and put it inthe microwave for 10 seconds okay don’tdo more than 10 seconds because you donot want melted butter so we’re gonna goahead and do once our butter is softgo ahead andso once your sugar and your butter lookslike this we’re gonna go ahead and addour pudding mix remember it’s gonna beokay so now that it’s well combinedlet’s go ahead and add our egg I also dorecommend your 8 to be at roomtemperature and our vanillalet’s go ahead and start adding ourflour and with the help of a spatula youcould start like folding it again andthen we’ll use the mixture to finishmixing everything[Music]so now we mixed it a little bit with thespatula with the help of our electricalmixer let’s go[Music]so once you feel like your mixture countmix it anymore go ahead and stop and goahead and get your spatula and continuewith your spatula so once you get yourspatula just fold it in a little bit tomake your little don’t bomb which youcan see it’s all done so what you’regonna do now let’s go ahead and addchocolate chipsyour chocolate bars I’m gonna leave alittle bit just because we’re gonna putsome on top so let’s go ahead and mixthis really wellso once it’s well mixed I went ahead andturned on my oven to 350 and let’s goahead and do our little dough balls okayso we do have a fake a baking cookiesheet with parchment paper and I startedto do my little paws alreadyyou’re gonna space them like two inchesapart and then um I’m using a measuringum spoon it’s a 1 table spoon but I’mgetting a little bit extra so it couldbe make 1 and a half just roll them intoyour pants like in your palm and do yourlittle dough balls and let’s continuedoing our dough ballsokay so I got 25 cookie dough boss whatI’m gonna go ahead and do is with theirextra chocolate that we have I’m gonnago ahead and just put it on top so whenit melts you could see that like thatone that’s perfect you can see that thechocolate okay so those cookies thosethese cookies are ready to go to theoven no need to refrigerate it for 30minutes or an hour but these are readyto go in 350 for 10 minutes okay okayguys saw our cookies are out of the oventhey are very hot so we’re gonna letthem cool down I put them in for 10minutes but remember every oven isdifferent it may vary time varies so itcould be you know 8 minutes 10 minutesor 12 minutes so just keep on checkinguntil you see that your cookies are legnice and golden brown remove them letthem cool down because remember when youfirst take them out they might lookreally soft like if they’re not cookedfrom the center but once they cool downthey will be perfect okay so I’m let’sgo ahead and let these cool down andthen we’ll show you guys your finalresult[Music]okay guys so this is her finally saw Ilet them cool down for like ten minutesand they are ready look at them theylook so good they have a lot ofchocolate you guys and if you’rewondering a bite then I did not useregular granulated sugar let me tell youwhat the brown sugar I think it’s enoughand a chocolate chip if you put whitesugar I think they will be way too sweetand this is sweet enough okaythey’re very good they’re very chewy andtrust me if you add that pretty mix thatinstant pudding mix you could have themfour to five days if you put them in acontainer a stick but they will not gethard okay still stay nice and chewy ifyou want a larger cookie just do yourlittle dope a little bit bigger like a2-inch like a cookie I’m scooper I’m a2-inch or you could use a 2 tablespoonmeasuring spoon to get a larger cookiebut let’s go ahead and try this look ohthey’re still nice and warm they’re verygood you guys okay I hope you guys enjoythis video don’t forget to Like commentshare and subscribe and from the familyof let’s cook that to your family thatyou guys are all family together I wishyou guys a Merry Christmas and a HappyNew Year Happy Holidays enjoy your daysbe safe and take a bite chocolatethank you for watching and we’ll see younext week our next tip very goodyou

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