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How to make chocolate chip cookies pt.1

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Video Transcription

hi guys that’s supposed to accommodate
and today I will be making chocolate
chip cookies but these are the cookie
mix because I probably wanted making it
from scratch so um – like a subscribe
and so what your favorite dessert is in
the club and atomic blood so basic point
you need so supposed to play that Bay
proper it makes eight cookies which in
my opinion is No
all you need is two tablespoons of water
and American chair and back in time is
ten to twelve minutes so yeah let’s just
open if I can open the pocket I need
scissors where the scissors and then you
just jump it all in to your mixing bowl
now the vitamin lumpy bits in here so
you just want to go out all the lows so
that’s just all nice and granite and
after that you need it the big one is
the tablespoon the biggest one is the
tablespoon so we have two of these don’t
have to love otherwise they welcome
together to beat you dry and you know it
out too much because it’ll come to wear
and your whole thing is ruined
okay so there you go one of those we got
out of the one of those every time I do
this I always put in more than two
tablespoons because I always need small
well just put in two tablespoons for the
tire my lady just wanna mix it in if you
can make it into a ball that’s good
already because then you don’t you tied
my water in so it has to like look
something like like this alright we’re
gonna add a little bit more I’m not too
much though
this is doing research products i okay
Russian that’s nothing enough so then we
just wanna mix it together
my mom say so we don’t need this anymore
yes and we just need to put on a baking
then I even read the instructions I did
not as then said spoon heat teaspoons of
the DA into an ungreased baking
I think the teaspoons are a bit too
small this is what I’m gonna do I’m
gonna use this table spoon to scoop it
out I think what ya bout nothing nice
little water watch it right now going
wrong Oh
okay they were just mix it all it’s not
the preparation time was like for ten
minutes so you gotta wake so real good
yeah it’s coming together now so it
should start to thicken up like this and
it should wear more toast okay no my
water okay so I’ve got bad day if you
think this is gonna make eight you know
so yeah got the worst nightmare today
let’s make it
I’ve lost the decimal I probably make
about six so well the instructions are
to do is get a cheap teaspoon I got a
tablespoon heard of it
a teaspoon is no idea what you want to
do just put it on on to the back of
chair and I can’t see it where you just
put it on to the integer I’m just like
why do I like that Oh to a service is
there like that
and you want to like spread them all out
even Lissa when they cook you don’t want
them to like grow into each other oh my
god you know I’m just gonna do it the
classic where I’m just rolling over the
Hudson pressing it out aren’t gonna do
it with
this one into okay sorry guys a plugin
very recently it’s just because I’m so
tired but how it had the time to do it
but over this some of the oh definit
little bit applauding I’m uploading a
video today I’m the tomorrow yeah so you
can just like check out tomorrow about
Rohan’s gonna be so sticky under this
video you’ve no idea
that one
if they might look a bit small now don’t
worry they’ll just spread out when okay
little just spread out when you cook
them so this is my 6/6 whoops this is my
sixth cooking right now so I’ll probably
back a baby ball baby wanna my seventh
and I’m on my eighth god
my hands are so sticky with no idea I
could just eat like this to put it in
your vanilla ice cream
I was thinking by olia but I’ll just do
a video on it and stuff okay maybe I’ll
just use the rest of this to make a nice
one okay I wasn’t lying when I said it
on the mix hey maybe I can make like a
small night’s one better but it is
impossible we do it guys I don’t think I
can do it yeah I think I’m doing it it’s
gonna be really small duh yeah I’m doing
that guy yeah mx-9 the pocket lied it’ll
lied to all of us it just did us like
that alright so once you got and rolled
up all of your nine cookies but this one
doesn’t like how I need chocolate chips
a little bit one chocolate chip anywhere
and that was like right now and yeah I
just need oh my gosh my friends all
sticky so what you do is just put the
suicide and put it in the oven for 10 to
12 minutes
a little Baxter if you want the extra
crunch it said and yeah put on Gus Mach
5 one Hoosier to 90 degrees and 170
degrees thought a fun assisted over say
and tiny minutes because mine’s a fine
assisted those and sir
gonna put it in for 170 and then I just
need a wash all this up and run away
see ya guys
I was saying that le when I was making
them yeah I’m gonna try to upload by
this summer because obviously I’ll have
more time not school
I just finished school yesterday I say
and I hope you see in more videos are
uploaded about what twice or three times
a week over this summer some little bit
cry a lot of videos of summer break that
you can all enjoy I don’t know if they
should just be like one long video I
just like I should I do it in a part –
what’s what the cookies come out I think
I’m gonna do a part into the cookies
come out cuz I did that um when I was
making that I will crumble few months
ago so yeah I’ll see you guys in part 2
where I take them out of the oven and
test them but in the meantime I’m just
gonna wash up all my stuff and work for
the cookies term okay so I guess the
impact too

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