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How To Make Best Homemade Nigerian Cookies with Stove | Bake without Oven

You will learn how to make Homemade Nigerian Cookies with Stove and without Oven.

Cookies is a Nigerian Snacks and one of the best treats you can wow your friends and family with.

You can enjoy with tea and the likes.

Ingredients and measurements mentioned.

#HomemadeNigerianCookies #BakeCookiesWithoutOven

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Video Transcription

if the laughs welcome to my channelthank you so much for stopping by thanksfor subscribing and it’s a day in thehost time of coming across my channelyou are highly welcome please do superto click on the red subscribe buttonbelow this video to subscribe to mychannel for more amazing videos intoday’s video I will be showing you howto make homemadeNigerian cookies music – yes you had mewear this top so if you were to makethis yummykids with stove in an oven continuewatching so here I have more than 25grams of my dream so I will be mixingthe softsthis is six tablespoons icing sugarsifted so make sure you sift the icingsugar and as you guys can see I’ve addedit to the Machine and all the mixingtogetherso here is half cop-con flow and twotablespoons powdered milk and our mixand stir everything togetherso this is how it should look like aftermixing together this is one couple flowI’ll be adding initial half cup halfteaspoon grated nutmegso it’s time to walk with my handso I’ve added the remaining flour makesure you sift the flour and also thecorn flow so after adding that flowdecides replied for the adding twotablespoons water and I’m going to bemixing until I get in non sticky doughso this is a non sticky dough I put itin a phone and I’ll be covering it andwe’ll be kneading the dough in the foilso it helps prevent the dough fromsticking right so hope you guys haveseen what I’m doingthe foil helps costs to put the or keepthe dough in ship like prevent it fromstickingso this piece is is trying to shapecookie dough using any cuts up of yourchoice you can decide to use any cutsout of your choice I’m using love andalso be using the round concernso we’ll be removing the XX and theyleft with the well cookies do soyou can put the leftovers together andyou need a repeat the same processso guys this is my trade assist industryand I’m covering in 3t fine this is alsobe using some big cookies with stove soguys this is Yves you can’t definehowever you want it so this is my potI’ve placed my Gaskell cast on and I’veplaced on the tray on its cover me thefoil and be baking this for 35 to 40minutes yes like I said is a studio backmy baking weeks so this is a cookiesafter 40 minutes guys isn’t this isn’tthis isn’t this isn’t this are you seenwhat you see in this guys check it outwith a stove you can’t do this you can’tget a yummy looking put in test and putin in fact everything that I still thisyummy first check it out I’mtransferring it to it plates with thestove you can get this type of cookiesit’ll mix you have to get this type ofcookies if you if you have an oven fineif you don’t have you can also do methis tool guys isn’t this your me isn’tlet’s do it oh wow hope you loved andenjoyed this video thanks for watchingdon’t forget to Like share and subscribebye bye

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