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How to make a delicious keto chocolate chip mug cookie. step by step instructions.

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Video Transcription

hey guys welcome back to my channel I’m
gonna make a short video on how to make
a keto chocolate-chip mud cake now we’ve
all heard a lot about this regular mud
cakes but this is a mug cake cookie so
that’s what makes it a little bit
different so sometimes you just feel
like you want a cookie and this is just
a really quick way to get one super easy
to assemble and then once or anything
assembled it’s super easy too
they’re super fast to make in the
microwave so basically what I need for
this recipe is 1 tablespoon of melted
butter have my butter in here ready to
melt 2 tablespoons of keto sweetener I
use this right here just because this is
what I have is the granulated no calorie
stevia okay I need a drizzle of vanilla
so I’ll be using this right here I need
one egg yolk which I have in my hand
I’ll separate in a second
I need 1/4 of a cup of almond flour
which I have my almond flour in this
right here so I’ll measure out 1/4 of a
cup of that here in just a minute a
little bit more if the mixture looks to
drop and then I need some of these right
here these are the monkeys or dark
chocolate it’s the Lily’s dark chocolate
chips so I have a few more of these
these are the mini ones so have a few
more of those left over so basically
what I’m gonna do is go ahead and stick
my butter in the microwave for about 30
seconds so it can go ahead and be melted
wow that’s melting I’m gonna go ahead
this is what I’m gonna actually cook my
the cookie in in the microwave I’m gonna
go ahead and get a bit a little spray of
this coconut oil this starter doesn’t
stick and just
to the side and the end I’m going to go
ahead and measure out 1/4 of a cup of
this almond flour and have it ready to
go because basically you just put it all
in the top mix it up and go 45 seconds
then let it cool for one minute so yeah
there’s my fourth of a cup of almond
flour won’t need any more I’ll just pull
it back out
okay so I have my melted stuff here I’m
gonna go ahead and add my almond butter
I mean I always say that almond flour
I’m gonna go ahead and do a tablespoon
two tablespoons of the sweetener in here
there’s one here’s two and then I’m
gonna go ahead and separate this egg
actually first of all I’m gonna go ahead
and drizzle just a little bit of it now
uh hopefully you can see my can’t really
see my cup let me move it over here this
is a little drizzle I don’t know about a
quarter of a teaspoon I would say for
that and now let me go ahead and
separate this egg get that in there
I just want the egg yolk so
okay there’s that all right so way down
here okay so what I’m gonna do is just
take my spoon up here steer these
ingredients together
that’s it better sweetener but no egg
yolk almond flour okay okay so at the
very end you’re gonna go ahead and add
some chocolate chips these are tiny how
probably have like ten of these mini
mini chocolate chips here I don’t know
let’s see let me count them one two
three four five six seven eight okay
this is about 15 chips actually maybe 16
so that’s okay there’s a little come in
here stir it all together really good
get them incorporated okay cream a
little Bowl back over here hook it in
basically that over there
okay and I’m just gonna mash it down
just to get it like cookie sauce man
just about the same height all together
all right so before goes the end this is
what it looks like looks like a
chocolate chip cookie right okay
going in 45 seconds no more no 45
seconds then we will let it sit for one
minute so I’ll be right back to show you
okay guys so it’s been it cooked 45
seconds in the microwave it’s been about
a minute since I got it out that’s what
it looks like so what I’m going to do is
just see if I can get it slid out pretty
easy which I sprayed it so yeah there we
go that’s not better that’s a good sized
cookie too so I mean if you are craving
a cookie this will totally do it
I’m just gonna think I’ll just break a
little piece of it off here so I can
give it a try
here’s what it looks like don’t wait
where’s my camera
there we go totally yummy yum yum yummy
okay I’m gonna try hmm mm hmm
he’s a very good
mm-hmm well this is not you know a
crunchy cookie this is a like a soft
baked right out of the oven moist and
warm and gooey gooey with those
chocolate chips you can add so many
variations to this you could do like a
lemon or no lemon no you could do lemon
extract you could do a cinnamon and
maybe white chocolate or you know just
there’s white chocolate sugar-free
morsels you could do a lot of variations
on this you could put a squirt of
sugar-free whipped cream on top whatever
but it is absolutely delicious so I’m
going to polish this bad boy off and
thank you guys for watching how to make
a keto chocolate chip mud cookie have a
great day guys

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