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How To Freeze Cookie Dough

How To Freeze Cookie Dough
We make homemade cookies all the time and freezing cookie dough just comes with the routine! I NEVER cook an entire batch when I am making dessert for the kids. It’s just a habit I’ve gotten into and I thought I’d do this little video to show you how I freeze cookie dough in case you were curious about doing the same to preserve your fresh dough.

Baking is so much fun and this helps you stretch your fresh goodness a bit longer.
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Video Transcription

alright guys it’s very rainy fromwaiting the bug and I just finished up abatch of chocolate chip cookies and Ithought to myself I should do a reallyquick video on how to freeze cookiedough because you know what I reallydon’t normally make the full fledgedbatch when I make fresh cookie dough athome because the truth of the matter iswe never really get through it and weend up throwing cookies away I knowthat’s weirdI know we should consume cookies at analarming rate but we just don’tso I usually make about a dozen at atime and then I freeze the rest and Igive us about a week or two and then Ipop in the next batch and I have it niceand fresh and I wanted to show you howyou can do the same thing just in caseyou guys don’t want your kids to havethree four or five cookies at a time youcan spread out a Comey batch very easilywith a ziplock bag and a spoon so thisis what you have to do there’s differentthoughts behind this process I mean youcan make this into a log and then asyou’re defrosting it you can cut it upafter it’s defrosted but what I like todo is I like to make these into ballsjust like I’m about to put it on the panand then I put it right into my bag so Irepeat this process over and over againuntil I use all of my cookie dough pressit down get it goingrepeat repeat repeat I’m not going tobore you and fill this whole entire bagbut you get the ideafinish my entire bowl top this wholeentire bag sealed usually what I woulddo is I would try to fold this up try toget as much air out as possible put thedate on the bag throw it in the freezerand then give it about a week or two youcan truly give this I don’t even know afew more weeks on that but I never letit go more than one or two weeks andthen let it defrost and thencook it as you would normally your yourcookies as if you were making ithomemade straight out of the bulb withyour ingredients select so that’s thesecret and they taste just as you wouldjust as you were making it straight frombatch so it won’t take frozen it won’ttaste any different your kids won’t knowthe difference and you’ll still havethat home cook feel so make your sort oflittle rolls as you would putting it onyour pan freeze it put it in a freezerbag and you will be good to go

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