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How to | DIY | make double stuffed chocolate chip cookies🥴

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Video Transcription

I already got a man and I’m about tomake them sick like so much designanother in the world we was takeaway you really think this lifestyleexists yes sir yes so what are y’allexcited oh oh yeah I don’t think youever seen alright say ever seen me inthis position you didn’t see me in thisbooth in this counter position oneminute so you know if some be got afriend or look cook we’re gonna go backin the kitchen don’t look cookie in youknow you know all videos I kinda lookgoodand I got motive but I will go to lookcute but cook me it won’t start backclean tonight I mean I might as well whynot you know why nothello hey buddy do start don’t press thelight button go ahead press subscribeyou comment if you want which one wecould names whatever you want me reactto any video ideas you know on it hey noI had a it diced yeah yeah but looklet’s go go walk in this kitchen get thetime start let me show you what you willbe doing todayI’m tell you in the kitchen ago I talkedso today y’all see you in the kitchenyeah hello first thing you’ll need cuzwe making bad about the stove todayy’all we making ya know stuff chocolatechip cookies yes so it’s a light weightyou know let me show you what you needyou guys tell me why do you want ityou gotta get your painting on huhyou gotta get that pan you gotta getthat pan you don’t need that first stepno eat you a boat you gonna need yourlittle clout yeah look at it nowand you need your little shoe okay whatnow watch it wedding why did not oh mygosh end it out you need some ketchupfor a flame mmmwhat in these days I know I didn’tyes sir yes sir it’s Agni kur is I needto make what you’re trying to make surethat you know yeah you know yeah youknow I’m missing one ingredient my badis it I already ohhey you gonna need a little oh yeahlittle water huhnow here we goand you gotta say these three things youknow you’d added these you got put theseto the sideno no I’ll see you did it say to youthing you gotta you gotta go till I getyou gotta you gotta you gotta you gottayou gotta say don’t know you gotta likedon’t chop it too little go Charlieshoot yeah don’t hog it chill cut offhere you go here go yeah you gotta beoutstanding three time you gots it twotimes two times two times and you got asnow and watch what I dowhy do I don’t know double target it -double target – yeah hurry to see whatwe got you yes Oh No let me clean it the you mean ah yes so hey did you waitno that’s all you need Cup and you gotit out the Oreos yeah you got helpis it that the outside am oh I thinkit’d be no damn about ityou know you know do you finally like sofirst thing you want to do is you wantto go VIN and start your stove becauseyou can’t see be well how you gonna cookyour cooking the pig is the hot oh I’llbe how you gonna cook the kitchen weknow he you know there so look give me asick let me tell you what to put it onso look you want to go over you and whatyou’re gonna do it you don’t print thisstart and then she just say the re ifyou know a dad made that guy insidepretty easy oh yes is up now what iscooking you know you know you gonna rollup the sleeve hey you don’t get to workyou know are you gonna do what you gonnado you don’t ditch it you don’t get Fiskare you gonna do and I know it ain’t nogoing back you gotta make them you inthere now so what’s gonna do it[Music]oh snapsay thank you[Music]you want to get you some Pam you don’twrite it strike it[Music]spread it down it down no stick youdon’t know you can’t y’all put it asideI’m gonna put that up Nick you can openup a minute I mean show y’all what I doright hereso look one twowhat you gonna start with free I’m gonnashow you how to do one on get on youknow you’re gonna fail for you don’t getone go get your look doubt you go put itover the top[Music]baby you don’t cover it up[Music]oh look so you wanna get liked it yeahthink what about now that you did it youknow any no candy no it’s an Oreo inthat time and what you’re gonna do itthis bar and you like it[Music]wait you know let me let me do a littlefast forwarding so you just with Ibright back I’m gonna show you out a tanwhen I get down to placing you know thatI’m be rightthey decide to do a little toupee guy Iwant extra slaps are you competitive sohomicide I like to different between aregular cookie and what I have createdtoday so you don’t want to build like[Music]pressure so now what you want to do isgrab your pan take over you make sureyou open up firstyou just know that that is sick you justgonna let it I see you know you gonnalet us eat you don’t already know let itsee it’s about I want to say 15 to 17min let it time say real quick so lookI’m gonna keep y’all updated gonna getdone I’m billfish in the bedlet’s go[Music]and a tiny look y’all gonna put one inpaste owI’m gonna do me like a little yes sirso now I’m trying to look and see whichone I want to taste that thing I want totake this oneyou listen here got a regular cookie upin the down real quick you see that look[Music]I’m okay all right here a genin looklook I didn’t look at it look okay Imight add you did something wrong you gohere we go[Music][Music][Music]hey give me little milk Hey lay off[Music]hold on no I know Brett no me[Music]Oh No oh yeah[Music]is it right now[Music]good – I knowhe’ll tell you about Emma[Music][Music]was she good at thank good meat are yougood let me tell y’all a thank good youknow there you go back shame I am ismuddy huh Oh bear I part[Music]let the end of the video opening of Edoif you liked the video don’t press thelight button press subscribe cuz heychicken being better a yoso look don’t prescribe play call me Ohwhat you want me to do y’all got anythoughts and it down at all

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