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Video Transcription

– woo 375 the oven goes on 375 is waternothing goes on that’s the first thingon the list eoven to 375 CA rusty yes these crustyRusty’s what’s good you – welcome backto the channel you know I usually don’tdo these kind of videos but we’re gonnado it since I got my grandmother herewith me you know my granny and we’remaking snickerdoodle cookies this videois just for people that don’t know howto make these I guess I know you canread them but this is just likeentertaining and you know fun a videodoo doo now first you preheat the ovento 375 yeah I should know how to preheatoven if y’all want to make some cookiesbut you know you hit the big button it’salready on but I’m hitting again justhere and it’s like you can change it upand down if you go down you know 375though you got to put it off so thesecookies then it says if necessarysoftened your butter because our butterwas firm and from the refrigerator we’regonna take this unwrap it open it upjust enough and then we’re gonna stickit in a microwave for 10 seconds 10seconds 10 seconds okay alright 10secondsall the other time I because thank younow our butter is nice and soft becausewe need the pastry key okaythe pastry thing Graham bought me forChristmas is called a pastry cutter allright I’m gonna rinse this out we’restill here ah beautiful one egg in thereand this and the butter butter in a bowlegging the ball Ohsnazzy then the chef’s come on now it’sit’s their egg butter and cookie mixuntil dole forms hand kneading ifnecessary because we’re cheating we’renot making our own flour mixture webought it in a box so we’re gonna pourthat in there and the next step Devon’sgonna try to make a ball Brianne boughtme a beautiful pastry set for Christmasit had the pastry cutter with the littleLions on it that cuts all the butter andthe flour and blends it together realnice we’re gonna use a fork I’m gonnaget started here and if we need a cookieshe doesn’t say grace there ungreased onin greased cookie sheet to do this youneeded big glass ball a cookie sheetwhich is a bake sheetlike this you need an egg and a half astick of butter no a whole stick ofbutterOh once a stick of butter there was ahalf a cup of butter which equals asticker bottom you know no Devon it’sour cinnamon sugar mix okay this has togo on a separate Bowl because we’regonna make little balls we’re gonna rollour balls in the cinnamon sugar bakingsheet in there in the kitchen[Music][Music]computer the next step is to take butthis much it’s like about a 1 inch 2inch ball and your Rollie pollie anddrop it in the sugar and then he willdrop it on the cookie sheet they coverthem up with sistersokay keep rolling and rolling intomorrow we can always make morecinnamon and sugar if we run out cuzit’s in a min each other this is ourbatch of snickerdoodles ready to Gorgeback to the anxious depart ready to gobeautifulwe should get anywhere from 18 to 24 orsomething like that okay so yes yessireeokay well Dainius so that you knowthat’s preheated the oven is preheatedcooking time let’s seenecessary dip dip dip dip dip dip dipdip dip bake is directed below Oh 8 to10 minutes put it on 8 and you’re gonnaput the first version we’re puttin thefirst batch in we’ll turn the light onso you can see what’s happening thereyou set this in the center of the rackslider in and you’re such a timer we’regonna set it for 8 minutes so that wecan take a look at see how they lookafter 8 minutes sounds good next timewe’ll be doing sugar cookies sodecorating yeah we could make cards forValentine’s Day Julia Child’s a woman onTV bacon cook chef she had her ownlittle show and she was to talk realslowI’m starving sous vide it was your voiceto show your child any of you’ll knowwho she is and your youngsters don’thave to look her upwhich is pretty cool share the Englishaccent I’m pretty sure one of the twobecause we put them on for 8 theyactually need another minute okay ohyeah one more minute all right this isthe second batch without one minute leftlet’s take a peek good another of themlook crazy right now but you look at therelease was a really kind of nice theylook good 14 13 12 I’m glad to get thesemouth let’s take a look real quick theylook good hold on wait for the 500 dowhat he say these boysyeah I put my oh my god let’s go turnthis off it’ll be off in a minute[Music][Music]you lost a little inflation I don’t knowIP me because I Pete there done now youknow and then they gotta cool off don’tstep in minute and we’ll stick him inhere I mean no that’s how you make snakedude if you liked the video subscribedown below like comment down any othervideos you like this is a brand newvideo that I haven’t done on the channelbefore so I’m trying something new sofollow my social medias and stay tunedI’ll see ya later[Music][Music][Music]


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