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How to bake Reese’s cookies

This is how to bake Reese’s cookies

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Video Transcription

hi my name is Cassie Kinser and I’m
going to show you how to make possibly
the greatest Ricci cup cookies this
recipe was originally created by my
but simplified by using Betty Crocker’s
prepackaged peanut butter cookie mix and
Reese’s the first step in this process
is to preheat your oven to 375 the
second step would be to get up the
things you’ll need to prepare your resi
peanut butter cookies you will need two
packages of Betty Crocker’s prepackaged
peanut butter cookie mix vegetable oil
water receives miniature cups mini cup
pans a cooling rack a fork for mixing a
tablespoon for measuring and a pan for
delivering the third step would be to
wash your hands after you have washed
your hands pour the two packages of
Betty Crocker’s peanut butter cookie mix
and to a bowl measure out four
tablespoons of vegetable oil two
tablespoons of water and unwrap 24
Reese’s miniature cups
the fourth step would be to mix your
ingredients you want to pour your water
into your oil mix up
for the oil and water mixture into your
peanut butter cookie mix and mix it once
the dough is thoroughly mixed you should
be able to roll out 24 1 inch balls
after you have molded the dough into
1-inch balls place them in your mini Cup
pants you then want to place your cup
pans in the oven on the phone rack and
set the timer for 10 minutes with a
minute left on your timer you want to
have your greasy miniature cups ready so
when the timer goes off you can remove
your cookies and immediately place the
ricci miniature cups into the cookies
let the cookies cool for about three to
five minutes after approximately three
to five minutes you want to take a knife
and go around the edges of the cookies
around the edges of the cookies may then
use a fork to remove them and put them
on a cooling rack once all the cookies
are on the cooling rack will that stand
for another ten minutes for the cookies
have stood for ten more minutes
you can place them and to their delivery
container thanks for watching and that
is how you make what is possibly the
greatest ricci cup cookie

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