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How to bake peanut butter cookies!(Ghetto Style)

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Video Transcription

oh it makes these jalapeno slices but itstill jalapenos and fun this cost likethree dollars like this can[Music][Music]y’all okay so spread your butter out yoand[Music][Music][Music][Music]smoked some policies it’s not a lot butit’s enough nothing stopping you[Music]so so[Music]so you know I’m gonna do it too big wedon’t just put Sun a name whatever isless than we gonna add on it I’m justgonna put these on there because I’mgonna show y’all what will they say goteverything and their knobs when didy’all update it’s probably in anothervideo cuz it’s about cookies so I don’tknow how it’ll turn out make sure youguys subscribe like this videoone two three four five six oh threeyeah their second cookie Jean so I’vegot to see a bit that’s a good oneso yeah you just do what you wanna dothe flowers fall but not stick orwhatever so thank you for watching videohope y’all enjoyed this video commentdown below what you wanna see next andcomment down below if the cookie recipeworks for you if not then just try twodifferent what if all of the dayinstructions you know I have to do withthe gun away anyway see you on the nextvideo peace

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